X-ray and CT Inspection Systems


Modular Industrial CT System for Widest Range of Parts and All Industries “Discover the difference in flexibility” – the YXLON CT Modular cone-beam CT system is a scalable, high-power and high-resolution CT (computed tomography) inspection system for maximum application range. Covers the widest inspection range Custom-designed system with multiple tubes and multiple detectors Special inspection modes like laminography or helical CT for improved image quality and increased detail visibility Flexible batch mode perfect for multiple part inspection scenarios System Capabilities Do you have a very diverse application spectrum? Are you looking for an all-around CT inspection system to conduct X-ray inspection for both small and large test items? Opt for maximum flexibility and upgradeability with CT Modular computed tomography system. Configure your system with multiple tubes and multiple detectors according to your exact inspection requirements. This dual-detector/dual-source CT...

Product features

Sample Diameter 830 x 1250 [mm]
Maximum Sample Weight 100 [kg]
X-ray Tube Y.TU450/600 mini-focus FeinFocus® 225 kV micro-focus
Voxel Size down to ~950 nanometers
CT Modes Helical CT, Laminography
Inspection Mode Fan-beam CT / Cone-beam CT
Manipulation 7axes, granite based
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