Mixer – Y mixer blenders are widely used to produce homogenous mixtures out of bulk components. Blending is carried out through the force of gravity, as there is no moving part. This makes it possible to blend granular and brittle products without damaging them, as well as making it possible to blend abrasive products with minimal wear on parts. Y-mixer is a double container having a top angle of 90 °. The mixing system is intended for solid products, it is divided into two parts. This type is intended for thorough mixing, while maintaining the open structure of the enclosed product with a relatively low energy and short mixing time. Usage: FOOD AND BEVERAGE – sugar, spice, dextrin, chocolate mixes PHARMACEUTICALS – supplements, silica, sugar, tablet coating CHEMICALS – adhesives, agricultural supplements, plastic powders, cement mixes - glass ingredients, insulation materials COSMETICS and DAILY CARE – baby powder, tooth paste, cosmetic creams, detergents,

Mixers and grinders for the food processing industry
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