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The Limited Liability Company «Yaroslavsky likero-vodochny zavod» founded in 1901, produces alcoholic beverages such as: vodka, vetch, rosolio, aperitifs, hard liquors. The company is one of the largest players in the industry for the production of food and beverage additives in the central part of Russia. The product range is more than 30 drinks of different brands. The company produces classic and original liquors and spirits. In the near future, it is planned to expand the range of products and produce brandy, whiskey, fruits alcohol, Scandinavian vodka aqua-vitae, grappas, including aged grappa, aromatic grappa, fruit vodka, malt beverages. Malt for the beverage industry is bought from well-known European malt houses. Direction of activity: beverages - import-export. Possible beverage suppliers for restaurants. We also sell supplies for the beverage industry. The plant's production is certified according to international requirements for quality and food safety systems FSSC. The advantages of our alcoholic beverages are: environmentally friendly beverage mixes: - artesian water, harmless food flavourings, natural flavours, natural dyes, natural additives for the beverage industry; - luxury alcohol; - author's recipes; - soft and balanced taste, confirmed by dozens of medals at national and international competitions; - original, memorable packaging design. We are ready to offer you the quality alcohol that you expect at the best price.

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«BERINGOFF» is a premium vodka, for which we use only high-quality ingredients. Artesian water undergoes 6 stages of purification and daily laboratory quality control of organoleptic indicators. Grain alcohol is made from selected ripened wheat grain and therefore has the category "Alpha". Новая New filtration technology with quartz sand and oak filter makes vodka more transparent and clean. Особый Special quality control of products is provided by manual production.


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«TOLGA» vodka has a pure and maximally simple composition. The main components of the blend are ORGANIC ALCOHOL from 100% organic wheat grown in the fields of Russia and natural artesian water. The drink will not contain gluten, GMOs and other chemical additives. The absence of genetically modified organisms in the production process and in TOLGA vodka itself is confirmed by a certificate, and the gluten-free protocol certifies that the products belong to the gluten-free category.


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A special vodka prepared according to a special recipe based on the purest artesian water using an infusion of barley caramel malt of gentle roasting. The noble aroma of freshly baked bread is reflected by subtle notes in the taste. A pleasant, slightly sweet aftertaste makes the drink special. The blend is based on aromatic alcohol of barley and caramel malt, infusion of rye crackers, infusion of cumin.


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Using grain alcohol of the "Luxury" class in combination with modern equipment and traditional distillation methods, an exceptional product is produced - rich in taste and with a mild aroma. A long aftertaste, opening with subtle notes of cumin and rye bread, will remind you of the quality of the drink. Stylish design – an original and memorable label imitating brass. The blend is based on honey, infusion of rye crackers, infusion of rye flakes, infusion of cumin. Nutritious, with the aroma of freshly baked Borodino bread.


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