YSTRAL TDS-Induction Mixer

Low-dust induction, suspension and dissolution of powders in liquids


TDS Induction Mixers draw powder, liquids or gases below their level into liquids and at the same time homogenise the contents of the container. The vacuum required for induction is generated in the mixing head. The machine is installed in the container from above by means of a flange or traverse. Alternatively, the TDS Induction Mixer can work on a lifting frame. The powder is inducted from the container and introduced under the fluid level by mixing it immediately and wetting. The mixing head generates the required negative pressure. Dust loads are prevented during the addition of powder by direct induction from the bag. Effective micro and macro mixing of the complete container contents with simultaneous addition of powder. Immediate wetting under fluid level. Complete mass transfer and homogeneity across all container levels via the jetstream mixing principle. In addition, liquids and gases can be inducted.

Mechanical engineering - custom work
  • suspension
  • micro and macro mixing
  • suction vacuum

Product features

Power 5.5 – 25 kW
Diving part Stainless steel 1.4404
Bearing flange Aluminium stainless steel

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