Industrial X-ray System for Cast Parts Inspection YXLON MU2000-D is a robust, reliable industrial X-ray and CT inspection system for broad applications in foundries, R&D, laboratories, universities, and educational institutions. The system delivers brilliant image quality with digital flat-panel detector and highly dynamic radioscopy. MU2000-D is an excellent solution for casting inspection activities of large quantity parts production as well as for R&D. From large multi-national companies to small/medium-sized foundries and global car manufacturers, all trust their inspections to this robust system. MU2000-D assists you in detection of casting flaws in items such as: - Aluminum castings (engine blocks, cylinders, cylinder heads, pistons, knuckles) - Turbine blades - Wheels and tires - Fiber-reinforced materials - Ceramics - 3D printed materials.

Foundries - machinery and installations

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