The YXLON UX20 system for X-ray and CT inspection of medium to large cast parts makes inspections easier than ever. The award winning user interface Geminy enables an easy inspection, both for your 2D and 3D inspection needs. Our efficient workflows with automation, wizards and presets guide the user. From novice to expert, all levels will discover intuitive controls. The operator makes consistent inspection decisions with our optimized image chain. It combines x-ray tube, detector and image processing providing benchmark image quality. Easy inspection is the sum of many parts. The operator desk, for example, has the absolute essentials you need. You can also vary the height of the desk to accommodate operation from a sitting or standing position. A number of options and upgrades offer possibilities to let the system grow with the demands of the operator. This ensures that the investment is future-proof and benefits from technical advancements for a lifetime.

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