The New X-ray Inspection Benchmark for Alloy Wheels YXLON WI26 G is our latest inline X-ray inspection system for alloy wheels. Using our new digital detector array it combines high-speed wheel inspection with outstanding image quality. - Reliable inspection decisions based on outstanding image quality - High-speed wheel inspection of the heaviest wheels with our new gripper manipulator - Automatic inspection software for a reliable, objective inspection decision and low pseudo reject numbers - Revolving in/out-feed doors for high throughput at maximum up-time and minimum maintenance costs - Automatic calibration, eliminating need for frequent program maintenance - Full integration into the plant for efficient and comfortable processes

Electronic components

Product features

Sample Dimensions 4J x 13" to 14J x 26" wheels
Maximum Sample Weight 50 [kg]
System Dimension 4840 x 2340 x 2150   [mm]
X-ray Tube 160 kV / 1000 W
Detector Active Area 300 x 300 [mm]
Pixel Pitch 200 [µm]
Bit Depth 16 [bit]
Cycle Time 20 s for example 7J x 17" wheel

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