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Yalodé - intensive wrinkle repair - INTENSIVE WRINKLE REPAIR - Intensive Anti-Age Cream Moisturizing


YALODÉ Intensive Wrinkle Repair is a reserve of youth for the skin, of velvety texture, rich, comfortable and with a rapid absorption in order to prevent the damage of time and give beauty, support and protection back to mature skins. A super multi-active beauty, hydrating, restorative and long lasting strategy that, day after day, will give freshness to skin of the face, neck and décolleté reducing wrinkles and making the skin radiant and supple. Intensive formulation with 19 natural active ingredients, among which: 7 biomimetic peptides:Snap 8 - Peptide, is a latest-generation active ingredient. It has a Botox-like efficacy that attenuates expression wrinkles because it acts on the contraction of mimic muscles. Serilesine – Peptide promotes adhesion and cell proliferation. Relistase - Peptide improves elasticity and firmness of the skin. Decorinyl - Peptide promotes skin elasticity improving the cohesion of Collagen fibers.