Yapalong 2 unit referees starter pack

Yapalong 2 unit referees starter pack


The YAPALONG - 4000 2 unit starter pack Referees Radio unit is a portable radio terminal used for creating an encrypted full-duplex communication system. For 2 users (two radios, two boom-mic earpieces, Two belt clips, Two USB chargers, two charging cords, Up to 300-meter line-of-sight range (an incredible 900-meters in some conditions). 8 hour battery. Encrypted transmissions. High sound quality. Lightweight, compact. Each radio comes with a dual-jack (3.5mm and 2.5mm) boom-mic earpiece. Single 2.5mm port on device allows for wide range of personal mic/earpiece preferences (32 Ohm). Up to 8 talkers and an unlimited number of listeners with paired Yapalongs. Warranty Period Yapalong 4000 unit is 1 year from date of purchase, covers manufacturing defects and product failure under normal usage, following instructions as described in user guide. Radio dimensions: 178mm (inclusive of antenna) x 65mm (widest point) x 25mm (with clip).

  • Radio broadcasting - equipment and systems
  • referee radio
  • full duplex referee radio
  • Wireless imntercomm

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