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Corn (Maize) is a food crop that is domesticated in Central America and then spread throughout the Americas. Corn (Maize) spread to the rest of the world after European contact with the Americas in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Corn plants (Maize plants) were introduced to Vietnam from China. Corn (Maize) is the second largest agricultural crop in Vietnam after rice. Corn kernels are types of grain with pods uniting with seed coat, a common fruit type in the Poaceae family. It is almost like a structural fruit, except that the individual fruits (corn kernels) never merge into a single mass. The kernels are about the size of peas, and stick in relatively even rows around a white core to produce corn. Each corn is about 10 – 25 cm long (4 – 10 inches), containing about 200 – 400 seeds. The seeds are colored as light black, gray blue, red, white and yellow.

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