Zeolite Mine and , Crushing & Screening Plant is For Sale ( IN TURKEY) Our Zeolite Mine : is the mineral "clinoptilolite" that is mined from a special deposit in Gördes, Manisa, Turkey - 260 Acres - with Business Licence - active since 21 years - with reserve of 18 million tons (the reserve in the mine site is 18 million tons) - Crushing & Screening Plant has got required Business Licence and documents. - water & electricity are available - Product Licences issued by the Ministry of Agriculture are present. - It has been delivering products to local market and exporting abroad since 20 years. - The quality of the product is of the top quality in comparison to its compeers - Mine Site together with the Crushing & Screening plant will be handled over to the buyer together with all Business Licences. - Crushing & Screening Plant is in the Mine Site - distance to the sea port is 130 Km. -Delivery from Turkey to EU Countries : DUTY FREE - Price is subject for a m

Bulk materials for construction
  • zeolite

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