Zhidkij Ugol (Liquid Charcoal)

Zhidkij Ugol


Zhidkij ugol is a line of next-generation sorbents on natural apple pectin. Pectin efficiently transports harmful substances out of the body Its sorption capacity is 20 times higher than that of activated charcoal. It is 6 to 10 times better than other sorbents in removing heavy metals. Fortified with a prebiotic to restore the intestinal microbiota. The composition is strengthened with succinic acid and taurine to accelerate detoxification and improve well-being. Easy-to-take dosage form: a pleasant-tasting drink. Quick action: a liquid dosage form acts faster than tablets and capsules. Does not induce constipation.

Pharmaceutical products
  • Liquid Charcoal
  • Next-Generation Sorbent
  • Liquid Dosage
  • Pectin Transporter

Product features

Active ingredients pectin, inulin, taurine, succinic acid
Presentation 10 sachets of 7 g each

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