Zinc and vitamin for a strong immune system and important bodily functions. Zinc is the second most common and vital essential trace element and controls more than 300 endogenous enzymes and hormones. Athletes and heavy labourers, stressed people, diabetics and people who are at risk of contamination of heavy metals need a lot of zinc. Supports/Is good for Psoriasis Eczema Acne Wound healing Brittle, white-flaked nails Dry skin Thinning hair and hair-fall Colds and flu Impairment of sensory perception such as fragrance, taste disorders, night blindness Performance sports Growth, thyroid, sex hormones Pregnant and lactating mothers Potency Area of use Diabetes, skin and hair problems, immune system, potency. Recommended dose Take 1 capsules 1 times daily with fluid. Vegetarians often suffer from zinc deficiency, taking the contraceptive pill causes zinc deficiency and intestinal diseases or excessive alcohol intake also interfere with zinc absorption.

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