Specifications: Size: 5um Purity: 99.9% MP: 1700°C density: 4.1 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) Apperience: powder Merck: 14,10160 CAS No.: 1314-98-3 EINECS No.: 215-251-3 COA-ZnS Powder Chemical component ZnS Appearance White or light yellow powder Content of ZnS,% ≥ 99.99% Moisture concent,% ≤ 1.0 Fe,ppm ≤ 0.3 Cu,ppm ≤ 0.1 Pb,ppm ≤ 0.6 Ni,ppm ≤0.1 Cd,ppm ≤0.3 Mn,ppm ≤0.1 D50(μm) 4.0±0.1 Specific volume ml/100g 160±30 Applications: CPTs powder, plasma crystal powder, luminescent materials, paints, plastics, Rubber, dyes, paints, plating,etc. Main usage: Color kinescope, blue-green powder for color kinescope,fluorescence powder for black-white kinescope and other kind of fluorescence powder.

Metal powders

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