Specifications: Purity:99.9% or customized Size:40um or customized Colour: Black CAS No.:12045-64-6 EINECS No.:234-963-5 ZrB2 Nanopowder Features: 1. Nano zirconium diboride powder possesses high purity, narrow particle size distribution, large specific surface area; 2. Zirconium diboride nanoparticle has a high melting point (3040 ℃), high hardness, high thermal conductivity, etc., is an excellent high temperature structural materials; 3. ZrB2 nanoparticle has metallicity which shows fantastic conductivity and its electric resistance is slightly lower than metal zirconium. 4. It is stable in a wide temperature range; 5. Good oxidation resistance in air and anti-corrosion ability.

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