Znie Z-1000 Sleep care lamp


[Product Features] - Extremely Low Frequency Antenna - Noise free / Side effect free - Sleep care, Chiling care, Desk(Studying, working) Mode (Fittable color and Frequency per each modes) - 1.6 Milliion LED Color / 9 stage brightness control - BT 4.0 Bluetooth control with smartphone Application [Product Usage] When you suffer from sleep trouble, just turn Znie on near by your bed, Znie's Frequency will helps your quick fall asleep and qulity sleep. And, if you set up your wake-up time in Application, Znie will generate pleasant morning LED color and frequency. And then, you can use Chilling, Desk and Color therapy modes with Znie.

  • Lighting
  • sleep
  • healthcare
  • home appliance

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South Korea
ISO9001, ISO14001, KC, CE, FCC, J-MIC, RoHS

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05398 Seongnae-Ro 6-Gil, Gangdong-Gu, Seoul - South Korea