Zoono - long-term effective water-based disinfectant

Innovative product line for the disinfection of surfaces, hands and textiles.


Water-based formulation. Innovative, skin-friendly mode of action. Immediate disinfection and long-lasting (30 days!) contamination protection in different dosage forms (spray, wipes, wash additive, foam). Broad, proven efficacy against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Special properties: The products work gently on the skin on an aqueous basis alcohol-free. After drying, the products form a long-lasting protective layer. This layer destroys germs (bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses) mechanically while the skin is not damaged. Therefore, germs cannot become resistant. Both efficacy and safety of the products have been extensively tested, the results - even against problematic, resistant germs - are impressive and can be provided! Particularly noteworthy is the long-lasting effect of up to 30 days on surfaces and up to 24 hours e.g. on the hands. Successfully tested against COVID-19.

Disinfectants, non-medical
  • sanitizer
  • long-term
  • water-based

Product features

Product water-based sanitizer
Physical state liquid
Application Wipe, vapour, foamer, spray
Use disinfection of hands, surfaces and textiles

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