Zvukoizol Band

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Zvukoizol Band is a thin elastic bitumen based band of high strength, with adhesive layer on one side. It is designed for adhering and hermetic sealing of butt joints in soundproofing with bituminous rolled sound insulation materials. Application FloorFloor WallWall CeilingCeiling Composition bitumen polymer base protective film adhesive layer

Sound insulation materials
  • Bitumen Zvukoizol
  • Band Zvukoizol
  • Layer Zvukoizol

Product features

Length, mm 15000
Width, mm 35
Thickness, mm 1.3
Roll Area, m2 0.525
Waterproofing Capacity at 0.2 MPa during 2 hrs absolute
Force at Rupture, N 70
Surface Density, kg/m2 1.9
Package roll
Roll Area, m2 0.525
Roll Weight, kg 1
Roll Volume, m3 0.0008
82 m3 Euro Trailer Loading Capacity, pcs. 22000

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