adhesive eraser and accessories


Rotation disc made of natural rubber available in different models and dimensions. To be used on a power drill to remove adhesives, stickers or double sided tape without harming the surface underneath. Recommended rotation speed between 2.000 and 4.000 rpm. PRD 55: specific machine developed for PRD 05. PRD 05: ridged disc; can be fitted directly on the PRD 55 machine. Advantage of PRD 05 over PRD 01: the disc is much wider and is ridged. Due to the ridge the paint does not become warm, there is no paint damage and works three times faster than the PRD 01. The combination of PRD 05 with PRD 55 also results in a better balans and is much more user friendly than PRD 01 on a drilling machine. PRD 01: can be used on every drilling machine. Reference Description Box pal PRD 55 pneumatic machine - 4000 rpm 10 x PRD 05 ridged adhesive eraser - Ø 100mm x 26mm 50 x PRD 01 adhesive eraser large with integrated arbor - Ø 88mm x 15mm 100 x PRD 50 adapter for PRD 01 50 x

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