Hopper Silos are produced in a variety of different sizes ranging from 5m3 to 190m3. Because of their design they can be used not only in agriculture but generally in industry. Our hopper silos are easy to modify to meet all possible needs. Quality of construction High tensile galvanized steel sidewall sheets with 73mm wide and 18mm deep corrugation provides outstanding durability. The thickness of the sidewall sheets ranges from 1mm to 3mm and combines strength and easy assembly. Roof The roof consists of specially designed roof panels. The 30o slope of the roof provides smooth filling of the silo. Boots Hopper silos have heavy metal boots with single or double exits and differing slopes. All KAM’s boots are from metal in order to avoid scuffing and are also provided with large slide gate to meter feed or serve as a complete shut-off Looking for Grain Storage Silos, Hopper silos, contact us

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Product features

Animal feed production plant Quality of materials
Εffectiveness – Adaptation KAM’s silos are known for their weight.
our products are suitable for any modification best possible service

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