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Bag opener with fan motor for rapid packaging and filling. New The bag opener has a motor-driven fan smooth and silent and is designed to quickly pack and fill the bags. It is made of stainless steel body for safety and cleanliness. The bags are very easy to change and the steady flow of air bags opens easily one after another. Two speed motor fan switched on / off switch. Adjustable power supply. Features usable bags The bags used on this specific product have the lower side longer than the upper side. The bottom also has a bore diameter of 12 mm going to slip into the bag opener hook. It's necessary to achieve these bags by a producer / printer, depending on the size required. In case of a very limited production it is also possible to use bags normal, by applying a through hole with a die (for example as that for the Eurohole). In this case the operator must manually cut the few millimeters of the first plastic bag before inserting the product inside.

Product features

Technical Data                        Bag Opener                    
Airflow 550 l/min
Power 50W
MAx. bag width (mm)   400
Dimensions (mm) 400x675x150
Weight 13 kg
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