DC micro-motor with planetary gear => safe and reliable => short switching times without overheating Wear-free hall effect sensors as position indicator => suitable for long-term applications => reproducible settings => very low current consumption Motor housing made of impact-resistant PP => high media and corrosion resistance => even applicable to aggressive ambient atmosphere Directly connectable to a PLC (programmable logic controler) or PCS (process control system) Wide variety of mounting options => boreholes integrated into the flange plate for direct fastening onto consoles => pipe clips for side fastening on a wall board => fastening clamps for vertical fastening on a base plate or for wall surface mounting Seamless female G- or NPT-thread in accordance with DIN, USAS or JIS => numerous connection options The ball 6R valves, with considerably reduced dimensions are the ideal solution for space-saving mounting. They are equipped with a compact electrical part-turn actuator. Our 6R ball valves are designed for long-term use. Especially for this application the drive is designed with new hall technology.

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