Common shaft => Synchronous switching of the media flow Fixed assignment of the two media flows => Unintentional mixing not possible Low maintenance Low cost, as only one fitting is required Compact shape => Advantageous in machinery engineering The 6Z multiport ball valves are manual operated and comprise two multi-way ball valves that are arranged one on top of the other in a housing with 2 levels. There is no flow connection between the individual levels. With one switching process both media flows are synchronously distributed or collected using a common shaft. Unintentional mixing of the media flows is not possible. The multiport ball valve has a crucial safety advantage in practice. The materials available, PVDF and PTFE, provide high media resistance and ensure a wide range of applications. The Series 6Z multiport ball valves are also available with pneumatic or electrical part-turn actuator. One drive is sufficient for each multiport ball valve. A further important advantage:

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