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The 2mag bioREACTOR is a new developed, space-saving and user-friendly bioreaction block with up to 8 parallelized mini reactors. The high parallelization allows an easy realization of high-throughput fermentations in the biotechnological, chemical or pharmaceutical research. This strongly reduces development time and costs for new production processes. Miniaturization into the low milliliter scale (8-15 ml) provides a significant saving of material and process costs. The 2mag bioREACTOR is characterized by a precise temperature control, an exactly controllable stirring speed with automatic stirrer monitoring as well as precise non-invasive real-time measurement of pH and dissolved oxygen (DO). Gassing and mixing of the reaction vessels is provided by the gas inducing, inductive stirring elements.

Laboratory equipment and instruments
  • low milliliter scale
  • bioREACTOR 8
  • scale-down of biotechnological
  • 2mag bioREACTOR
  • High parallelization
  • Automated stirrer monitoring
  • Precise temperature control
  • High oxygen transfer rates
  • Automatization
  • Easy Upscaling
  • space saving
  • user friendly

Product features

Stirring points 8
Stirring point distance 35 mm
Material block Aluminium, hard-coated
Dimensions (WxDxH) 66 x 340 x 145 mm
Weight (gross) approx. 3.7 kg
Electrical data 230 V / 50 W
Protection category IP31
Working volume 8 - 15 ml
Material Polystyrene (PS)
Operating conditions +10 °C up to +65 °C (at 80% humidity)
Stirring element gas inducing stirring elements
Stirring speed 100 - 4,000 rpm
Gassing rate 0.8 l/min
pH range 6.0 bis 8.5
DO range 0 - 50 % O2
Response time (pH/DO) < 30 s (at 15 - 45°C)

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