Do you know the peak- and base load of your company? With bit.B you can see your company’s consumption anytime. You don’t need to be an expert – find optimisation potentials without meter reading. Data concerning your current base load is visualised in the bit.B online monitor. Simply choose an observation period and analyse your energy consumption of a day, month or throughout a whole year. You can analyse your energy, production and quality data in more detail by undertaking sub metering with additional hardware. With bit.B you obtain the company data you really need – energy consumption, numbers of visitors, temperatures and many more. A configurable alarm function can signal abnormalities. Moreover, our BAFA listed monitoring solution facilitates the completion of energy audits. Contact us for your specific offer.

Automation - systems and equipment
  • Energy Monitory System
  • Monitoring system
  • data monitoring

Product features

Hardware Various sensors, sensor nodes and gateways for data collection and processing
Software bit.B Online Monitor

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bit.B monitoring solution

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