Finished Metal Products
Abrasive discsAerosol cansAerosol valvesAluminium foil for packingAluminium wires and cablesArtistic cast iron workBallistic equipment and testingBars - ferrous metalBars - non-ferrous metalBearings, antifrictionBearings, ballBearings, crankshaftBearings, needleBearings, rollerBoarding - non-ferrous metalBoarding, metalBoilers, cast ironBottles, metalBrass wires and cablesCables - accessoriesCaps, metalCastors for furnitureCastors, swivellingChains - accessoriesChains with welded links, studlessChains, copperChains, custom-madeChains, iron and steelChains, non-ferrous metalChains, plasticChains, wire - with non-welded linksCladding - ferrous metalCladding - non-ferrous metalCofferdams, steelCoil SpringsCold rolled sectionsContainers, metalCopper wires and cablesCustom design springsDie casting mouldsDisc springsDrums, barrels and kegs - metalElectromagnetsEmery-coated fabricsGirders - ferrous metalGratings, metalGrids, metalGrindstones, abrasiveHanging scaffoldingHelical springsHouseware, aluminiumHouseware, copperHouseware, enamelHouseware, steelHydraulic springsLadders, doubleLeaf springsLightweight metal scaffoldingLow coercitivity materialsMagnetsMains pipes - ferrous metalMetal cutleryMetal screens for reinforced concreteMoulds for glass and crystalMoulds, ceramicsMoulds, foundryMoulds, plastic and rubber industryMoulds, precisionPlain bearingsPolishing equipment and materialsPrecision ballsPrecision springsRadiators, cast ironRails - ferrous-metalRails - non-ferrous metalRolling scaffoldingSections - ferrous metalSections - non-ferrous metalShotblasting materialsSign lettersSigns - indoorSigns and signals for building sitesSigns and signals, railwaySpiral springsSpoons, forks and knivesStainless steel - cutleryStaplers, officeSteel scaffoldingSteel woolStepladdersStoves, cast ironStrapping, metalTableware, pewterTelescopic scaffoldingTin openersTins and cansTraffic signsTransportation chainsTrays and dishes, aluminiumTyres and bands for wheels, castors and rollersWalkways, metalWheels and castors for industrial trolleysWheels, castors and rollers - metalWheels, castors and rollers - rubberWheels, castors and rollers for goods handlingWheels, motor vehicle and aircraftWheels, specialWire drawing - ferrous metalWire drawing - non-ferrous metalWire meshWire mesh, weldedWire rods - ferrous metalWire springsWire, barbed - ferrous metalWires and cables, steel