cchain modular kit: Many possibilities all around


A = Simple, quick assembly | B = Circumferential moving end: Energy, data, media C = Proven igus® e-chain® | D = Light, stable guidance E = Support of the long travels | F = Fixed end = rotary feedthrough G = Optional with Chainflex® cables | H = Variable length through modular design pikchain® Overview E4.1 system Continuously revolving energy supply system made of standardized modular components. New perspectives emerge due to avoidance of unused down journeys. Application areas Handling systems Filling and discharge equipment Feeder Pick and Place Bonding systems Portal "Intelligent" conveyor belts and transport systems Stacking, sorting, palettizing Advantages: Compact modular system ready to install Energy guide plus BUS cable and pneumatic Speeds up to 3 m/s Travel length up to 50 m Solution 1: The first solution is a glide bar guided by a linear guide. The upper run of the e-chain® can rest on that. Here the e-chain® pushes the glide bar in front of it, thereby placing the bar always in the right position. Solution 2: The second solution uses the horizontal guidelok system to support the upper run. Thereby the moving end guides the e-chain® above the supports. The e-chain® can be laid, while the radius can push the rollers to the side. This solution has so far achieved the highest side-mounted standing system length of 30 m. Max. travels and loads The maximum travel with a c-chain is 50 m in horizontal application and 30 m in side-mounted standing application. The maximum speed is 3 m/s and the maximum acceleration is 30 m/s². material The used e-chains® are made of black igumid GLW. The trough parts are made of black powder-coated steel with a gliding pad made ​​of HDPE.

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