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Emsil Group is capable of manufacturing complex products based on our Customer's drawings and specifications. Over the years we have expanded our capacities and capabilities into manufacturing most if not all process steps. Today, these capabilities allow us to manufacture turnkey projects at our 3 production sites and also provide additional services through our extensive network of collaborators. ​The industries in which we are active are: vacuum, energy, oil & gas, naval, aerospace and metallurgy. ​Types of products we manufacture Glass coaters and packaging machines in the vacuum industry Baseplates and chassis for the oil & gas and energy industries Winches and crane components for the naval industry Pressure vessels from carbon steel and stainless steel PROJECT MANAGEMENT DESIGN & ENGINEERING CUTTING ASSEMBLING & WELDING PRESS BREAKS FOR BENDING ROLLING MACHINING HEAT TREATMENT SURFACE TREATMENT FINAL ASSEMBLY & AUTOMATION CUSTOM PACKAGING & DISPATCH

  • Machine tools - metal machining
  • heat treatment
  • surface treatment
  • rolling

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410125 Oradea - Romania