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  • Shrimp Dream Import/Export mainly freshwater invertebrates (shrimps, crayfish, snails, crabs), fish and mosses. If you are a retailer, please contact us. Supplier of: Freshwater crayfish | freshwater shrimp | tropical fish | baby shrimps | shrimp wholesaler
    PORTUGAL - Amora
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  • Tiedot poistettu Supplier of: Freshwater crayfish
    FINLAND - Vantaa
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  • Supplier of: Freshwater crayfish | Shellfish and crustaceans
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • ... The company has quotas for river fish and crayfish catching. Catching takes place in the Caspian Sea and the Volga-Caspian basin. It is a certified manufacturer in the Cerberus system. We have an... Supplier of: caught freshwater fish | freshwater fish | Fish | Fish, fresh-water | Fish, processing [+] Fish - import-export | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | Fish, frozen and deep-frozen | Smoked and salted fish | Fish, seafood and snails, preserved | caviar | pike | dried fish | frozen fish | tench
    RUSSIA - Astrahan
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