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  • Mechanical Engineering & Industry - Equipment
  • ...such as O-rings, X-rings, radial shaft sealing rings, moulded parts, USIT rings and PTFE parts from long-standing, reliable suppliers. Our range of products, which are formed from the machining of plastic... Supplier of: Sealing rings | hydraulic seals | pneumatic seals | sealing technology | special seals [+] moulded rubber parts | rubber-metal connections | ffkm o-rings | plastic cnc turned parts | cnc water jet cutting | sealants made of polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) | flat gaskets | plastic joints | plastic turned parts | o-rings made of polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe)
    GERMANY - Sachsenheim
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  • We are a complete service provider in sealing technology and have diversified into many fields such as mechanical engineering, stationary and mobile hydraulic systems, drive technology and electrical... Supplier of: Seals | radial shaft seal | piston seals | rod seals | shaft seals [+] v-j945rings | flat gaskets | grooved rings | o-rings | back-up rings | x-rings | guide rings | piston rod seals | rectangular rings | dairy pipe screw connections
    GERMANY - Sindelfingen
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  • GAT Gesellschaft für Antriebstechnik mbH is your reliable partner for rotary unions, slip rings, air bearings and torsion motors for high-performance applications. Supplier of: Mechanical transmission systems and components | Industrial sprayers for surface treatment | controlled rotary feedthroughs for hydraulic systems | fuel injection nozzles | atomizers for industrial installations [+] rotary feedthroughs to transfer hydraulic oil | industrial sprayers | spraying system | ring brush case | slip ring | slip-ring elements | fibre-optic cable rotary transmitters | rotary transmitters | hydraulic rotary unions | rotary unions
    GERMANY - Geisenheim
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