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  • We have over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of high-performance release agents, release substances, tyre spray solutions and additional products for shaping and casting processes. Our... Supplier of: Cleaning, industrial | Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | Rubber products | Forming - steels and metals | working rubber [+] foundry moulds | plastics manufacturing | release agents | release agents for rubber processing | moulding release agent | moulding cleaning agent | lubricants for pistons | lubricants for pistons in pressure die-casting machines | metal work | release agents for plastic processing
    GERMANY - Maisach
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  • ...full-service, up to 12, 000 Tn / year PRE-PRODUCTION SERVICES: - engineering pattern - simulation filling process (Magma) - Pattern Construction * , - pattern modification and maintenance, - set-up PRODUCTION... Supplier of: Foundries, aluminium | aluminium sand casting foundry full automatic | pattern engineering, magma simulation | green sand and chemical no-bake sand | core shop 6 automatic shooters
    SPAIN - Burgos
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