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  • We specialise in cold bending pipes and profiles. Our company, based in Mannheim and Zeithain, Germany, has amassed over 65 years of experience in this specialised area. This is why we are fully...

    Supplier of: 3d custom laser cutting | 3d laser etching | laser cutting | cnc laser cutting | Bending - steels and metals [+] Heat exchangers | aluminium tubing elbows | bending aluminium sections | welded cladding | cnc bending parts | stainless-steel pipe bends | section bending machines | pipe bending machines | 3d bending tasks | cnc tube bending

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  • ...according to your requirements using 3D laser technology and assembled in our equipment construction department. We supply industrial customers in high voltage engineering, vacuum technology,...

    Supplier of: 3d custom laser cutting | cnc laser cutting | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Steel & Metal Transformation | Stamping - steels and metals [+] Drawing - steel and metals | deep-drawn metal parts | welded structures | stamping parts | moulded, stamped and drawn parts | aluminium welding shop | heavy boiler-making | sheet assembly welding | stainless steel welded assemblies | inert gas welding shops

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    AUSTRIA- Neutal
    FT-TEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our company is an international consultancy, sales and production company for special applications in the shipping, multi-wheel drive lorry, and railway industry. Our success is based on the quality...

    Supplier of: 3d custom laser cutting | laser cutting (service) | maritime security system | Electronics - ships | Engineering - industrial consultants [+] Granules for plastics | elastomers | injection moulding of plastics | elastomers | plastic parts | plastic granulate | uv pressure | 3d measuring | on-board monitoring devices for pleasure boating | injection moulded plastic parts

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    TURKEY- Gaziantep

    Our company which started its industrial adventure with wrought iron production in Gaziantep in 1996, we are proud to be among the biggest manufacturers of the manufacturing sector with our...

    Supplier of: laser cut doors | Steel sheets and strips | stampi̇ng metals doors | accessori̇es | handrai̇ls pi̇pe

    • 27049 27049 LASER CUT SHEET
    • 27061 27061 LASER CUT
    • 27043 27043 Laser cut sheet
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    GERMANY- Langenbrettach
    R + B FILTER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...function of dust extraction systems. Examples: 3D printing and additive manufacturing, food industry, laser and plasma cutting, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, oil and emulsion mist separation,...

    Supplier of: Filtering equipment and supplies | filter cartridges | dust removal | dust removal filter elements | dust removal filter cartridges [+] dust filtration | air filtration | dust removal filter panels | filter cassette for dust removal | filters for pharmaceuticals and food | lamellar filters | chemistry filters | product recovery | laser cutting, welding smoke | 3d printing, additive manufacturing

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    POLAND- Kraków
    INTERSTAL S.A. - Verified by Europages

    ...processing of pipes and shapes, including 2D and 3D laser cutting on a 2.0x6 m work table, socket belling, tapering, bending, welding, engraving, perforation, and drilling. INTERSTAL S.A. is the manufacturer of INTERFIX, a...

    Supplier of: Sheet Metal & Tubes | rury ocynkowane | blachy ocynkowane | producent rur i profili ocynkowanych | profile i kształtowniki [+] cięcie poprzeczne blachy | cięcie blachy | cięcie wzdłużne blachy | gięcie blachy | cięcie laserowe | obróbka blachy ocynkowanej | obróbka blachy powlekanej | serwis blach ocynkowanych | stal | stal – obróbka

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    PRECIPART - Verified by Europages

    Precipart supplies customer-specific, micromechanical precision components to sophisticated industries. Typical products include instruments, implants, screws, panels, casings, pins, bushings,...

    Supplier of: Ceramics, industrial | Toothed wheels | cnc turned parts | turned small parts | c.n.c milling [+] transmission gears | milling | mim injection moulding | metal injection moulding | milled parts | ceramic precision parts | cim injection moulding | additive manufacturing | 3d slm | 3d printing

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    POLAND- Chwaszczyno
    EXPOSITE POLSKA SP. Z O.O. - Verified by Europages preparing 3D visualisations for customers, assembling components, printing, bending and cutting using CNC and laser techniques. Creativity is our great asset which is why our products are...

    Supplier of: Display units for shops | stands | displays | acrylic | aluminium display cabinets [+] decorative and display stand wooden articles | plastic displays | make-up displays | led mats | advertising racks | advertising display | pos design | production of pos materials | plastics

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    BULGARIA- Sliven

    ...metal bending, welding, molding, sandblasting, laser and plasma cutting, CNC turning and CNC milling and 3D printing. Our team of experts is very well qualified to execute tasks of utmost precision. We are also...

    Supplier of: laser cutting | Turning - steels and metals | Bending - steels and metals | metal welding | cnc milling

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    TURKEY- Istanbul

    ...such as; -eva -Pe -Pu Our first step to cut foam according to the customer tehnical specifications. For that we need a picture, drawing or design of your goods. We can cut foam packaging or promote goods. Because foam is a part of marketing. If you choose the right type of...

    Supplier of: Foams, rubber and plastic | foam insert | eva foam insert | foam cutting | packing foam

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    GERMANY- Cottbus

    ...areas of activity include industrial design, 3D modeling, metal laser cutting, and manufacturing. One of the basic requirements of industrial and manufacturing companies is the development of new products and systems. Improving old products and systems is...

    Supplier of: Graphic design and production | Finished Metal Products | designer furniture | furniture manufacture | special machines designed and built

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    BULGARIA- Gabrovo

    ORDER YOUR LASER-CUT PARTS AND MAINTAIN YOU SUPPLY CHAIN WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS! We are an innovative company in the field of electromobility, modern machinery and high-precision laser technologies. Our international team consists of experts in...

    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | fiber laser cutting of metals | co2 laser cutting of non-metals | laser marking and engraving | cnc hydraulic press brake bending

    • Laser Cutting Laser Cutting Fibre Laser Cutting of Metals
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    TURKEY- Istanbul Our Services: - Laser Cutting - Sheetmetal bending - Pipe bending - Tıg Welding - Arc Welding - Welding with Robot - Sand Blasting - Powder Coating - Aluminium Welding - Aluminium Chromating - Plasma...

    Supplier of: laser cutting | Shaping - steels and metals | powder coating | metal shaping | sandblasting

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    CZECH REP.- Brno

    ...of individual parts/assemblies and drawings for laser cutting. Due to technical knowledge and wide range of manufacturing suppliers, we are also able to ensure manufacture of high quality parts for a low price. Our aims are: -...

    Supplier of: Metals - Machines & Equipment | graphics and technical drawing goods | sheet metal cover | construction of jigs and fixtures | steel constructions

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    RUSSIA- Troitsk, Moscow

    ...requirements; - Full-service production - 3D models and full set of the drawings development; metal laser cutting; machining mode; high-precision task-specific welding; equipment assembling and adjustment;...

    Supplier of: Treatment of industrial waste water | waste water treatment equipment | polymer stations | dewatering | aeration

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    FRANCE- Saint-Etienne-Du-Rouvray

    ...- Technical assistance (NVH missions on customer site) - ISO 9001 certification Our means: - Semi-anechoic chamber equipped with a roller bench - 3D and infrared scanning laser vibrometer, for...

    Supplier of: Industrial consultants | vibro-acoustic analyses | vibration prevention and control consultants | sound pollution surveys | vibration insulation

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Nuneaton

    Subcon Laser Cutting is a leading UK based subcontract manufacturing service provider. Our core business is to provide our ever increasing customer base with unrivalled reliability and quality orientated laser cutting services. Subcon is a specialist laser...

    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser cutting | metalwork

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  • BAST S.R.O.
    CZECH REP.- Moravske Budejovice

    ...well as aluminium. Very important technology is LASER BEAM WELDING with digital camera positioning. Our products can be powder coated in our own line. We offer also liquid painting in our 3 boxes. Final assembly - mechanical, wiring, pneumatic - on...

    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser welding | laser systems and machinery for cutting metals

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  • ...crystal ornaments, perfume bottles, trophies , 3D laser and colour printing crystal, gifts for Christmas, things for hotel etc.These products suit for the image extending, gifts for commercial advertisement,...

    Supplier of: Crystal glass | business gifts | glass home decoration

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    ITALY- Borgocarbonara

    ...processing technologies and methods, through the 3D modeling and CAD-CAM, study customized solutions for services such as new packaging and new transport systems. We have our own laboratory that guarantees the quality of raw material and of...

    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, steel

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    GERMANY- Puchheim
    ALPHA LASER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ALPHA LASER is a leading manufacturer of laser systems for metal machining. As a pioneer in the field of mobile laser welding, we offer in our product range numerous laser systems for flexible and...

    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | cutting laser | 3d laser welding | 3d laser processing | laser welding [+] laser welding device | laser system | welding lasers | handheld welding lasers | mobile laser welding devices | mobile laser welding | machines for laser welding metals | laser hardening system, mobile laser hardening system | machines for laser hardening metals | laser beam build-up welding

    • AC 450 F AC 450 F automatically and precisely cut sheets up to 3 mm thickness
    • AL-CROSS AL-CROSS The welding laser for mobile applications and for precision welding
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    GERMANY- Heimsheim
    SCS-METALL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As a well-established company in the metal machining and processing industry, we are specialists in the key processes in sheet metal machining and lightweight steel and apparatus construction. Our...

    Supplier of: laser cutting service | cnc laser cutting | stainless steel laser cuts | 3d laser processing | Folding - steels and metals [+] laser welding | cnc sheet metal work | cnc milling | cnc punched parts | stainless steel cut plates | machine housing | machining of sheet metal | sheet metal work for small batches | bending sheet metal | sheet metal constructions

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  • 3D-TEC E.K.
    GERMANY- Düsseldorf
    3D-TEC E.K. - Verified by Europages

    3D-TEC e.K. was founded on 23rd June 2014 in Düsseldorf as an individual enterprise. The company was set up to offer services and products in the area of 3D printing, retail of components for 3D...

    Supplier of: 3d laser etching | laser cutting | 3d laser scanners | 3D printers | 3D scanner [+] 3D software | 3d design work | rubber stamps | 3d design | 3d modelling software | 3d animation | cad development | laser cutters | drone | scooters

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    BULGARIA- Sofia
    FOXLASER - Verified by Europages

    For more than 20 years, FoxLaser has been a trusted partner in laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, mechanical processing and powder coatings of metals and non-metals. Based out of Sofia...

    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser cutting for stainless steel | laser cutting | tube/profile 3d laser cutting | laser cutting machine [+] laser cutting machines | cnc laser cutting | Cutting - steels and metals | Folding - steels and metals | Punching machine tools | metal punching | aluminium sheet bending | aluminium welding | sheet cutting | copper sheet bending

    • Laser cutting Laser cutting
    • Laser cutting of tubes and profiles Laser cutting of tubes and profiles
    • Mechanical processing Mechanical processing
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    GERMANY- Steinbach
    SIGMA LASER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    INTERNATIONAL – REGIONAL – PERSONAL: THE SPIRIT OF EXPERTISE Since 2005, we have been developing laser beam sources, which are perfectly adapted to suit our own laser welding facilities. We are...

    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | laser cutting conversion centres | 3d laser welding | 3d laser processing | laser welding [+] soldering lasers | laser welding of plastics | nd-yag laser sources | industrial laser | welding systems | laser cladding | cnc laser welding | solid-state lasers | laser micro-processing systems | laser robots

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    GERMANY- Stuttgart
    EAGLE DEUTSCHLAND GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are a technological company for industry and specialise in the production of laser machines for cutting metal. The machines we offer are produced in Poland based on the best-quality components in...

    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | cnc laser cutting | 3d laser processing | cutting laser | Automation - systems and equipment [+] laser processing machines | laser flame cutting machines | laser systems | cnc lasers | fibre lasers | laser processing systems | laser sheet metal machining | laser hardening | laser applications | laser co2

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    SWITZERLAND- Bäretswil
    LASERCUT AG - Verified by Europages

    Since its founding in 2004, Lasercut AG has dedicated itself to precision laser processing. The objective was, and still is, to be a strong partner to our many different customers in the...

    Supplier of: Laser - cutting and welding machines | cnc laser cutting | 3d laser processing | laser cutting service | prespaced stickers [+] industrial engraving | laser machining | laser finishing work | laser engraving | laser microprocessing | laser welding | labelling of industrial parts | laser marking in day and night design | laser-welded sheet metal products | cnc laser welding

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    SWITZERLAND- Steinhousen
    THE INDUSTRIAL WELDING SWISS GMB - Verified by Europages

    In 2005, we founded The Industrial Welding Swiss GmbH company. The main branch of our plant is located in Switzerland, in Steinhausen. We have an extensive machine park and we deal with metalworking...

    Supplier of: laser cutting | laser cut fence | 3d laser cutting | Industrial sheet metal work | cnc milling [+] metal processing | laser cutting of metal sheets | cnc machining | industrial installation assembly | robotic welding | stainless steel structures | mig-mag welding | laser processing | cutting of metal sheets

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