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  • ...Worldwide for Albania and Kosovo. We supplied for many years companies that worked for big project in Albania like construction of hydropowers, oil drilling companies, constructions company, wholesale, consultancy in construction etc. Supplier of: Welding, electric - equipment and supplies | proffesional supplier for welding electrode in albania | proffesional supplier for industrial products in albania | hydraulic hoses supplier for albania kosovo macedonia | industrial paint supplier for albania
    ALBANIA - Vlore
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  • Our company construct civil building and residential houses. Supplier of: Consultants - construction and civil engineering
    ALBANIA - Tirana
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  • ...supplier of metal constructions. The company represents a solid business reality that has its roots in 1995 and since then operates with passion and entrepreneur seriousness in the field of metal construction. The working... Supplier of: Metal construction, lightweight | metal and engineering industry constructions | construction of metal structures for public works | pipeline construction and installation | metal components for industrial use
    ALBANIA - Elbasan
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  • Our company is based in Turkey. With our branch in Tirana we are building construction and construction materials in Albania. Supplier of: Construction - Finishings | building construction | building-grade glass | steel facades | construction materials
    ALBANIA - Tirane
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