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  • ...and cable cars Start of special machine construction, press construction. With 60 employees, the company develops and produces rope clamps for ski lifts and cable cars, engine and transmission elements for sports... Supplier of: Wrought ironwork, stamping and punching | Iron and steel products trade | snap hooks | camshafts | drive components to order [+] gear parts for motor vehicles | engine parts | rope clamps for cableways | rocker arms for engine manufacturing | precision turned parts | assemblies for mechanical engineering | drop forged parts | aluminium spring hooks | cnc precision parts | personal protection equipment (ppe) to protect against falls
    AUSTRIA - Fulpmes
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  • ...fields: Chemical industry, container and plant construction, algae cultivation plant construction, semiconductor industry, apparatus construction, electrical and electronics industry, machine and special machine construction, storage, lifting and conveyor... Supplier of: Plastics - semi-finished products | Sheets, plastic | extruded pipes | street chain tightener | plastic films [+] shaped pipes | plastic machining | plastics conversion centres | plastic rods | rigid pvc sheets | heating strips | structural components for the construction of machinery and equipment | plastic moulded parts | plastic hollow rods | plastic pipe parts
    AUSTRIA - Pöggstall
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  • ...result of the 50 years experience in machine construction and a desire to improve even further. In 1956 Johann Felder was already presenting his woodworking machines at trade fairs in Vienna and Innsbruck. Supplier of: Woodworking - machinery and equipment | manufacturer of woodworking machines | 5 function combination machines
    AUSTRIA - Hall In Tirol
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  • Cosmic Engineering GmbH is an Austrian company consisting of several employees. Since the beginning of the 1990s, we have specialised in a variety of custom machines and sewer renovation... Supplier of: canal construction machines | Robotics | design consultants for special machines and special systems | prototype engineering | robots for sewer renovation [+] specialised mechanical engineering | specialised machinery for mechanical engineering | special machines for conveyor technology | sewage pipe renovation | sewer rehabilitation | milling robots | site-specific sewer renovation | sewer renovation | robotics | cosmic tophat
    AUSTRIA - Kasten
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  • In addition to the delivery performance, quality and precision form the basis of a long-lasting, positive business relationship. Our high quality standards have made us a reliable partner of renowned... Supplier of: machine construction parts | Prototypes, industrial | plastic housings | cnc turned parts | equipment and containers made from plastic [+] plexiglas® machining and processing | plastic bent parts | plastic cnc turned parts | cnc manufacturing technology | plastic cnc milled parts | thermally moulded plastic parts | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific | vacuum deep-drawn parts | cnc 5-axis milled parts | precision turned parts
    AUSTRIA - Spielberg
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  • Supplier of: Construction - Machines & Equipment
    AUSTRIA - Eberstalzell
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  • ...specialised mechanical engineering; mechanical machining (boring, turning, milling) of steels and non-ferrous metals; welded structures made of carbon steels and stainless steels Contracted round bending of steel NDT (non-destructive... Supplier of: Steels and metals - machining | welding components | heat exchangers | water filtering plants | pressure tanks [+] stainless steel and alloy pressure apparatus | stainless steel exchanger | apparatus and container manufacturing | pressure containers | stainless steel storage tanks | stainless-steel and alloy pressure vessels | large apparatus and large containers | stainless steel process containers | diesel tanks | stainless steel equipment manufacturing
    AUSTRIA - Klagenfurt Am Wörthersee
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  • ...agricultural products • traffic engineering • LED display systems • products for road safety • road barriers • milk centrifuges (separators) • butter machines • electric fences • impact attenuators Supplier of: Agricultural systems and equipment | milk centrifuge | butter churns | wicker fences | road safety equipment and systems
    AUSTRIA - Althofen
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