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  • Latest technologies in the processing and dosing of liquid silicones and LSR elastomer production. ELMET registered technological developments as patents back when it was founded in 1996. The name... Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | manufacture of moulds, moulding resins | moulding of plastic materials | Reprographics - machinery and equipment | Binding - machinery and equipment [+] Printing and setting - machinery and equipment | Marking and labelling machinery | injection moulding | production of lsr silicone moulded parts | cast iron part moulding line | elastomer parts produced from drawings | transformation of liquid silicone | finishing work on cast parts | cast iron part | measuring systems
    AUSTRIA - Oftering
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  • ...and multi-component parts using the injection moulding process. Our products include: Silicone metal connections, silicone sealing, rubber seals, sealing rings, bellows, precision moulded liquid silicone parts, silicone moulded... Supplier of: Silicones | Rubber seals | Sealing rings | Mechanical brakes | moulded rubber parts [+] rubber-metal connections | rubber membranes | quick prototyping | silicone-metal connections | silicone seals | bellows | precision moulded liquid silicone parts | silicone moulded parts for medical technology | moulded seals | injection moulded silicone parts
    AUSTRIA - Marchtrenk
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  • In addition to the delivery performance, quality and precision form the basis of a long-lasting, positive business relationship. Our high quality standards have made us a reliable partner of renowned... Supplier of: thermally moulded plastic parts | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific | Prototypes, industrial | plastic housings | cnc turned parts [+] equipment and containers made from plastic | plexiglas® machining and processing | plastic bent parts | plastic cnc turned parts | cnc manufacturing technology | plastic cnc milled parts | vacuum deep-drawn parts | cnc 5-axis milled parts | machine construction parts | precision turned parts
    AUSTRIA - Spielberg
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  • "TECARIM at ENSINGER is a range of tough, highly durable polyamide 6 block copolymers made from NYRIM using the reaction injection moulding process. This creates finished parts using a pressureless... Supplier of: plastic moulded parts, customer-specific | injection-moulded plastic parts | Plastic material processing | copolyamides | fibre composite materials [+] industrial parts made of plastic | plastic covers for appliances | fibre-matrix semi-finished parts | composites | plastic semi-finished parts | plastic parts for mechanical engineering | technical-grade plastic parts | glass-fibre-reinforced plastics | cast polyamide | organic sheet
    AUSTRIA - Linz
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  • Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | injection moulding of plastics | moulding of plastic materials | Prototypes, industrial | prototyping
    AUSTRIA - Mürzhofen
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