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  • Founded in 1950, our company offers clients the benefits of its long experience in precision mechanical machining of sheet metal to order. Our in-house divisions offer specialisations such as:... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Sheet metals - stamping | Industrial sheet metal work | robotised welding | brioche moulds [+] metal structural work | sheet metal punching | metal moulding | cold pressing of metals | laser systems and machinery for cutting metals | welding | sheet cutting | sheetmetal folding under pressure | sheet shearing | galvanized sheet bending
    ITALY - Zola Predosa
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  • Manufacturer of stainless steel drums and stainless steel containers, stationary and mobile handling systems, such as lifting columns, mixers and pallet exchangers, double flap systems and stainless... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Bins, tanks and hampers - goods handling | batteries with stainless steel pipe | stacking bins | stainless steel housings [+] lifting and tipping equipment, combined | lifting columns | stainless steel process containers | stacking containers | barrel handling equipment | stainless steel transport containers | stainless steel drums with lids | stainless steel drums with screw caps | lifting hoists for barrels | tipping equipment for barrels
    GERMANY - Rheinfelden
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  • The company ROS began its activity in the 1980s by providing machining services for third parties. Constant growth of production led ROS to double the surface area of its factory in the year 2000 in... Supplier of: Boilerwork | metal bending | metal welding | robotised welding | sheetmetal folding under pressure [+] metal structural work | machining | light metal structural work products | mig welding | welding | metal punching | stainless steel welding | metal calendering | metal shearing | laser systems and machinery for cutting metals
    ITALY - Azzano Decimo
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  • Today, when industrial performance is what counts, Cousin situated in Chambon Feugerolles, offers across-the-board expertise in all its trades: initially from the field of traditional boilermaking,... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Industrial sheet metal work | Industrial piping | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Steel & Metals [+] laser cutting | mechanical assembly | engineering | manufacture of complete automated units | cn folder | water-jet blanking | industrial piping stainless steel, aluminium | mining gallery drill | cementation unit for oil wells | complex units with mechanically welded frames, in plates
    FRANCE - Le Chambon Feugerolles
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  • DENEN ISO14001KB Schmiedetechnik is an independent medium-sized company with over 100 years' experience in the manufacture of closed-die forgings for different areas of application with extreme... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Wrought ironwork, stamping and punching | Valves for industrial fittings | Industrial piping | closed-die forgings for nuclear technology [+] closed-die forgings for the valve industry | manufacture of pressure equipment | batch production of closed-die forgings | forged valves made to customer specifications | forgings with complex geometries | closed-die forgings for aggressive media | die-forging of titanium | die-forging of steel | die-forging of stainless steel | die-forging of nickel
    GERMANY - Hagen
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  • For many years, ELWA has been the leader in developing and manufacturing industrial instantaneous water heaters and special systems for use in shipping, power plants, rolling mills and renewable... Supplier of: boilerwork | Engineering - industrial contractors | flow heater | motor pump connection units | metrology [+] industrial complexes | construction of industrial plants | suspension tester | pressure boosting systems | viscosity measuring instruments | flow heaters for oil and water | coolant pre-heaters | heating flanges | test bench equipment for internal combustion enginers | equipment construction
    GERMANY - Maisach
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  • As a successful medium-sized company from northern Münsterland, we offer our customers solutions in all areas of tube technology. With many years of experience in design and production engineering,... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Steels and metals - machining | Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | Pipes and tubes - ferrous metal | Industrial building construction [+] Metal construction, lightweight | Machine tools - metal machining | Binding - machinery and equipment | Reprographics - machinery and equipment | Heat exchangers | cooling plate | pipe-bending work | cnc sheet metal work | orbital welding | heat exchangers with tube bundle
    GERMANY - Hörstel
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  • Precision, cost-effectiveness, punctuality. Three factors which can only be achieved together with consistently growing competence and performance. B. Beger GmbH is a reliable partner in this. Our... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Steels and metals - machining | Industrial building construction | Heat exchangers | pressure tanks [+] stainless steel tanks | mig welding | pipeline prefabrication | laser technology | die bending technology | filter systems | cnc laser cutting | cnc folding presses | cnc sheet metal machining | apparatus and container manufacturing
    GERMANY - Oberteuringen
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  • Helmes was founded nearly 100 years ago in Warendorf. At the time it was a supplier for dairies here in Münsterland. Now, Helmes products are used all over the world. They are used in stainless steel... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Agricultural systems and equipment | cheese and dairy plants | stainless steel tanks for pharmaceutical industry | stainless steel metalwork [+] installation of plants for the food industry | stainless steels | food industry | plant construction for process engineering | apparatus and containers, used | tank construction | foodstuff processing machines, used | process engineering | foodstuff processing machines | second-hand machines
    GERMANY - Warendorf
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  • Technological innovation, laser cutting of sheet metal and stainless steel, engineering design office, even for short runs, samples and prototypes. In-house production, bespoke machining. We work in... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Industrial sheet metal work | Steel sheets and strips | Boilers, stainless steel | Welding work - steels and metal [+] metal shearing work | sheet cutting | laser systems and machinery for cutting metals | metal bending | metal punching | iron sheet bending | s/steel sheet bending | stainless steel welding | metal deburring
    ITALY - Bannia-Fiume Veneto
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  • Service centre for the distribution and transformation of sheet metal, aluminium and composites. We supply primed, anodized plates and strips with film coating on one or both sides and sheet metal... Supplier of: Boilerwork | sheet metal punching | iron sheet processing | aluminium | aluminium and alloys [+] stainless steel sheet work | sheet and pipe work | tinned sheet metal
    ITALY - Osimo
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  • Technik Team GmbH develops and manufactures machines and systems Supplier of: boilerwork | Industrial piping | Industrial building construction | plant construction | welding components [+] metal machining | sound insulation | contract manufacturing | column internals | power station technology
    GERMANY - Ahaus
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  • Bosch Industriekessel GmbH, a Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH company, has stood for innovation in the field of industrial boiler technology for 150 years. Customer-specific steam, hot water and heating... Supplier of: Boilerwork | combined electricity generator | boilers | large boilers | wast heat recovery system [+] large-scale plants | industrial boilers | hot water boilers | industrial service | steam boiler
    GERMANY - Gunzenhausen
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  • Talleres Doval, S.L. primarily designs and manufactures fine sheet metal products, particularly in the special vehicles sector, as well as others including shipbuilding, wind energy, food, etc.... Supplier of: Boilerwork | sheet metal processing | precision sheet metal work | bodywork for industrial vehicles | part design [+] manufacture of sheet metal parts | bodywork for special vehicles | bodywork for industrial vehicles | crane components | metal structures
    SPAIN - Lugo
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  • Tanks for storing and transporting gas, liquid fuels, chemicals, fluids in general and production. Domestic hot water storage tanks. Supplier of: Boilerwork | Energy - renewable | storage batteries | accumulators | industrial boilermaking [+] cryogenics | solar panel | gas
    SPAIN - Zaragoza
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  • We specialise in medium- and large-scale welded assemblies. We manufacture equipment for the paper industry, power generation, metallurgy, the food industry, chemical industry, renewable energies,... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Forges - machinery and installations | Boilermaking, heavy | steel and stainless steel boilermaking [+] steel tanks | metallurgy | machining of parts
    SPAIN - Ibarra
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  • Light- and medium-weight mechanical engineering and machining for a very wide range of high-profile industries, both nationally and worldwide, particularly the marine industry (military vessels,... Supplier of: Boilerwork | airtight doors | machining | lightweight mechanical engineering | medium-weight mechanical engineering [+] internal threading | crowns and pinions | air vents
    SPAIN - Ferrol-A Coruña
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  • We manufacture metal products, such as: grain dryers, industrial ovens, filters, all sorts of heat insulated panels. We manufacture our own products for all types of modular fences for enclosures,... Supplier of: Boilerwork | laser cutting conversion centres | filters | window frames | galvanized sheet bending [+] grain dryers | industrial ovens | heat-insulating panels
    SPAIN - Galdakao
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  • Based in the Basque Country, Sinertecnic meets the challenges of making structures, parts and all types of components for trains, buses and especially the farming sector. With Sinertecnic, your... Supplier of: Boilerwork | machining of parts | aluminium welding | industrial assembly | industrial finishing solutions [+] train interiors | hoppers for the food industry | safety bars for buses
    SPAIN - Ordizia-Guipuzcoa
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  • Since its creation in 1981, METALPLASMA SRL has specialises in light- and mediumweight metal construction and is a contractor that can offer a wealth of experience in working sheet metal. This is a... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Metal construction, lightweight | sheet cutting | sheetmetal folding under pressure | metal structural work [+] light metal structural work | plasma cutting | heavy metal structural work
    ITALY - Pieve-Curtarolo
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  • Calderas Munguia, S.L., puts every effort into meeting its clients' needs, with an extensive range of products and services including accumulator tanks, expansion vessels, pressure tanks, compressed... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Accumulators and batteries | tanks | manifolds | pressure containers [+] compressed air tanks | tanks | accumulator tanks
    SPAIN - Mungia-Vizcaya
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  • MECET S.L. was founded in 1980. Our business has always been linked to using and recycling residual thermal energy from combustion gas. We design, manufacture and install equipment for this purpose. Supplier of: Boilerwork | Heat exchangers | fire-tube boilers | industrial boilermaking | watertube boilers [+] air radiator | thermal degassing systems | boiler economisers
    SPAIN - Arrankudiaga-Vizcaya
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  • Supplier of: Boilerwork | Boilers, stainless steel | Steel, special | boring | shearing
    BELGIUM - Ampsin
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  • Supplier of: Boilerwork | Boilermaking, precision
    BELGIUM - Namur
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  • LEDOUX GROUP represents a broad set of skills collected within an industrial group that aims to provide you with the best global solution. Special machinery, Machine tool reconstruction, Automated... Supplier of: Boilerwork | Automation - systems and equipment | Robotics | special machines | rebuild of machine tools [+] precision machining | automatic mechanisms | special machines for aeronautics | special machines designed and built | renovation of machine tools | automatic controls for special machinery | wiring | retrofitting of machine tools | micro mechanics | riveting machinery for aeronautics
    FRANCE - Fontenay Le Comte
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  • A leading company in the design of machines for the food industry and the manufacture of all types of installations in stainless steel, always using the very finest technology solutions. Supplier of: Boilerwork | metal boilerwork | Boilers, stainless steel | tanks | aluminium boiler [+] stainless steel tanks | steel tanks | stainless steel cisterns
    SPAIN - Casas Ibañez-Albacete
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  • BIEBER INDUSTRIE specialises in industrial sheet metal working. We carry out all sorts of bespoke work in steel and stainless steel: sheet metal work, laser cutting (3 units of 6m x 2m / 5 kW... Supplier of: Boilerwork | boilerwork mechanized welding | tanks | laser cutting | liquid fertiliser tanks [+] fuel tanks | metal engineering and sheet metalwork for third parties | filling stations | bending and rolling | manufacture of tanks
    FRANCE - Drulingen
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  • Edilam srl is a company specialising in prevarnished zinc coated metal: copper, stainless steel and aluminium. Located in Ponzano Veneto where it manufactures corrugated, straight and curved metal,... Supplier of: Boilerwork | key-pattern sheets | bespoke machining | bending and calendering of prevarnished sheet metal | zinc coated prevarnished metal
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  • Supplier of: Boilerwork | Boilermaking, precision | Folding - steels and metals | SMALL METAL PARTS | conveyors
    FRANCE - Saint Paul En Jarez
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  • Founded in 1998 by engineers and specialists with years of experience in the field, our company has a long tradition in the thermotechnics and ironworks sectors. From the beginning our main activity... Supplier of: Boilerwork | welded structures | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use
    ROMANIA - Brasov
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    Medium Pressure...
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    Metals and steel coating
    "At given need our experts can invoke extensive subcontracting. Zinc plating: “Blue“ zinc plating,... See product
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    40-Taper Standard
    Vertical Machining Center; 20" x 16" x 20" (508 x 406 x 508 mm), 40 taper, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector... See product
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    (® 9)
    Where to use ® ® bearings are thin-walled, rolled CuSn8 parts provided with... See product
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    Hopper cans Handy containers with their own discharge hoppers We manufacture hopper cans in various... See product
    Product name: A6061 ANODIZED NATURAL COLOUR CNC PLATE Material: aluminum, steel, brass ,plastic,... See product
    Steel Pipe
    •Size: (Seamless): 1/2”NB-26”NB •Size: (SAW, LSAW, HSAW, EFW): 16”NB-100”NB •Wall Thickness... See product
  • Stainless Steel 310H Plate
    Ritinox Overseas is a manufacturer, supplier, exporter of a huge variety of products. We are an... See product
    ASTM A312 UNS S31600 /...
    Bhavik Steel Industries are the Leading Stockist , Importer & Exporters of Stainless Steel 316/316L... See product
  • Duplex & Super Duplex Plates...
    Our high quality range of sheets and plates are made of graded Duplex & Super Duplex steel. These... See product
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