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    FRANCE- Saint Honorine La Chardonne
    LINKING WELLNESS - Verified by Europages

    Linking Wellness is a group of experts and suppliers in Cosmetics, which has for the past 20 years worked on the synergy between beauty, well-being and health. We provide range of natural and organic...

    Supplier of: Organic cosmetics | solid cosmetics | Tea | natural cosmetic products | porcelain clay [+] organic soaps | organic care creams | organic booster serums | organic solid shampoos | organic bodycare products | natural face care | organic make-up removers | green clay | red clay | vegetable soap

    • Rose Granit" Organic Soap - Relaxing Capitaine Cosmetique Rose Granit" Organic Soap - Relaxing Capitaine Cosmetique Organic cosmetics
    • Chemin De Garrigue" Organic Soap - Regenerating Capitaine Cosmetique Chemin De Garrigue" Organic Soap - Regenerating Capitaine Cosmetique Organic cosmetics
    • Soap Dish - Le Fute Capitaine Cosmetique Soap Dish - Le Fute Capitaine Cosmetique Organic cosmetics
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    SWITZERLAND- Carrouge
    GREEN BROTHERS SWITZERLAND SA - Verified by Europages

    GREEN BROTHERS is a Swiss company specialised in CBD based activities. A pioneer in the Swiss CBD industry in terms of production, extraction and innovation, GREEN BROTHERS advocates the quality and...

    Supplier of: cosmetics | Oils and resinoids | cbd flowers | cbd oils | cbd beauty products [+] natural cbd | cbd wholesaler switzerland | cbd wholesaler | cbd wholesaler europe | cbd producer switzerland | cbd producer | cbd wholesale | cbd swiss quality | swiss cbd at the best price | swiss quality guaranteed

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    FRANCE- Marseille
    HIGH SOCIETY - NOVAREV - Verified by Europages

    NOVAREV is France's leading wholesaler of hemp and hemp-related products. The company was created with the aim of supplying our trade customers with quality products at fair prices, backed by an...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | hemp cosmetics | Flowers and plants, greenhouse | Plants and herbs, medicinal | Flowers [+] Oils and resinoids | natural product | hemp | hemp - plants | resins | herbal teas | raw hemp | hemp seed oil | natural-based cosmetics | cereals

    • Cold balm - 10x30ml Cold balm - 10x30ml Cosmetics
    • Cold balm - 100x30ml Cold balm - 100x30ml Cosmetics
    • Warm balm - 10x30ml Warm balm - 10x30ml Cosmetics
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    BULGARIA- Sofia
    ALPI INVESTMENT OOD - Verified by Europages

    Production and trade of high-quality, natural, certified EU Organic products. We offer full private labelling services and bulk supplies. Since 2009, Alpi Investment is engaged in the production and...

    Supplier of: Dietary and organic foods | Organic food | wholesale organic foods | tea, coffee and herbal teas | spices [+] private label | legumes | natural product | natural food | herbal teas | herbs and spices | tea leaves | seeds | bee products | organic flour

    • Organic Rose Water Rosa Damascena Facial Toner 100% Pure Organic Rose Water Rosa Damascena Facial Toner 100% Pure
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    CZECH REP.- Praha
    HEXAGROUP - Verified by Europages

    HexaGROUP was set up by French entrepreneurs in 2016. We provide: - two distinct distribution solutions for CBD- and hemp-based products: HexaCBD for B2C and HexaPartners for B2B. - our own brands of...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Beauty creams | cosmetic oils | cbd cosmetics | Oils, nonfood [+] hemp | food additives | vegetarian cream | natural cosmetic products | food capsules | cbd | cbd wholesaler | cbd oils | cbd tablets | e-liquids

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    FRANCE- Signes
    TADE PAYS DU LEVANT - Verified by Europages

    French company specialised in the production and distribution of genuine Aleppo Soap, made in Syria for over 25 years, Tadé Pays du Levant offers a broad collection of traditional soaps and care...

    Supplier of: Soaps, toilet | Organic cosmetics | cosmetics | natural cosmetics | Hygiene and toilet products [+] Ecological housekeeping products | Hygiene and beauty articles | aleppo soap | marseille soap | liquid soaps | personal bodycare products | surgras soaps | liquid organic soaps | liquid aleppo soap | organic hand cream

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  • Balkan Luxury Supply is a wholesaler offering wide variety of luxury items. We are reliable supplier of Beauty products such as Perfumes (branded perfumes and niche perfumes), Cosmetics (full variety...

    Supplier of: Eau de parfum | Perfume | Make-up | Skin-care products | Beauty creams [+] Cosmetics | Eau de toilette | Beauty products | cosmetics wholesaler | Perfume and beauty products | Eyeglasses - frames and accessories | perfumes | perfume wholesaler | import-export of perfumes | face creams

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    FRANCE- Antibes Juan Les Pins
    INP - PARFUMS - Verified by Europages

    INP-PARFUMS is a small-scale manufacturer of perfumes made in Grasse, the world's perfume capital. INP Artisan Créateur is launching a new environmentally-friendly, affordable and eco-responsible...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Organic cosmetics | Eau de toilette | Eau de parfum | organic cosmetics [+] french perfumes | personalised perfumes | perfume creation | ambiance candles | room fragrances | ambiance products and perfumes | perfumes | traditional perfumes | supplier of perfumes | bespoke perfumes

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    FRANCE- Gaillard
    LABORATOIRE LABORGANIC - Verified by Europages

    Bespoke quality cosmetics: The LabOrganic laboratory puts a wide range of standard cosmetic formulas at your disposal as a white label offer. These approved organic and non-organic items, will enable...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | natural cosmetics | cosmetics laboratory | natural cosmetics | organic cosmetics [+] cosmetics in bulk | cosmetics formulation | cosmetics regulations | cosmetics production | luxury cosmetics | customized cosmetics | bespoke cosmetics | creation of cosmetics ranges | white range cosmetics | customized organic cosmetics

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  • Our business is producing perfumes & cosmetics. We aspire to excellence while we are committed to nature. PARFUMS PAR NATURE – La Production (PPN-LP) produces for third parties and offers a...

    Supplier of: Eau de parfum | Perfume | cosmetics | natural cosmetics | Perfume and beauty products [+] french perfumes | personalised perfumes | natural perfumes | natural cosmetic products | perfume creation | creation and manufacturing of perfume and cosmetics lines | organic perfumes | natural skin care products | hand sanitizer | hydro-alcoholic solution

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    TURKEY- Pendik/ Istanbul
    MCH COSMETIC - Verified by Europages

    MCH Cosmetic is a Turkish company that manufactures world class cosmetic and dermocosmetic products. Since its beginnings our company has focused to invest in R&D and production technology to bring...

    Supplier of: Skin-care products | Cosmetics | cosmetics laboratory | cosmetic research | manufacturer of cosmetics [+] cosmetic packaging | custom cosmetics | cosmetic branding | cosmetic design | sun-care product | personal care and beauty articles and products | after-sun cream | foot care products | body care products | development and manufacture of cosmetics

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    GERMANY- Bad Segeberg
    WACHSFABRIK SEGEBERG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    With us you are in good hands. Benefit from tailor-made solutions from a family-managed company with extensive experience, great expertise and experienced employees. The focus of our daily work is...

    Supplier of: Haircare products | promotional cosmetics | Cleaning and maintenance - equipment and supplies | disinfectants | detergents [+] development of specialist chemical products | cosmetic product development | contract cosmetic manufacturing | contract filling | contract filling of chemicals | contract filling of liquids | contract filling of cosmetic products | private label chemical products | private label cosmetic products | abrasive and polishing pastes

    • Wellness products Wellness products WELLNESS PRODUCTS A TREAT FOR BODY AND MIND
    • Hair care Hair care HAIR CARE
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    AUSTRIA- Gmünd
    AGRANA STARCH - Verified by Europages

    AGRANA manufactures top-notch starch products using modern and environmentally-sensitive methods. The raw materials: corn, potatoes and wheat. The result: top-quality starch products for...

    Supplier of: Starch, industrial | organic starch | modified starch | ethanol | potato starch [+] corn flours | corn meal for zootechnics | organic animal feed | thickening agents for the food processing industry | animal feed | thickening agents for the cosmetics industry | excipients | organic products | chemical products for the textile auxiliary industry | ingredients for baker

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    TURKEY- Istanbul
    GOLF COSMETICS - Verified by Europages

    GOLF COSMETICS, company based in Istanbul, Turkey, is specialized in the manufacturing of cosmetics since 2008. We produce our own brand of aerosol products using the latest technology machinery....

    Supplier of: Eau de cologne | Cosmetics | Camping equipment | Insecticides | personal care and hygiene products [+] home fragrance sprays | gas cartridges | air deodorizers | hair spray | shaving creams and foams | paper cups | cotton pads | liquid soaps | deodorants | air fresheners, household

    Brands : Golf | Revna | Purmax | Spectra

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    NEW IDEA COMPANY - Verified by Europages

    NOMI children's cosmetics brand produces safe cosmetics for girls and makeup products for children aged five and up. Our makeup products are based on natural ingredients and have unique designs and international certificates. NOMI is the market leader in Russia...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Beauty creams | Beauty products | kids cosmetics | Hygiene and beauty articles [+] Hygiene and toilet products | Celebrations and parties - articles and decorations | Souvenirs and advertising items | accessories for children | babies' toiletries | babies' and children's high fashion | beauty articles and supplies | beauty items | body care products | children's carnival costumes

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  • The LMDC LAB offers to create "Made in France" beauty products for you. LMDC LAB is a French cosmetics laboratory specializing in research, design, manufacturing and packing of value-added cosmetic...

    Supplier of: Make-up | Skin-care products | Cosmetics | cosmetics laboratory | manufacturer of cosmetics [+] cosmetics products | cosmetics creation | cosmetics laboratory | cosmetics regulations | cosmetics packaging | Masks, safety | internal laboratory and research and development dept. | makeup products | nail polish | full service

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    FRANCE- Paris
    LABORATOIRE EUROTEL - Verified by Europages

    For over 25 years we have been manufacturing beauty products and perfumes, cleaning products and grooming products using formulations that rely on active natural ingredients. We are proud of our 100%...

    Supplier of: Beauty products | Beauty creams | Eau de parfum | Cosmetics | cosmetics laboratory [+] natural cosmetics | Perfume and beauty products | development and manufacture of cosmetics | creation of cosmetics ranges | natural-based cosmetics | manufacturer of natural cosmetic products | packaging of cosmetic products | french perfumes | perfumes | perfume creation

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  • The TER Chemicals Distribution Group is a globally active distributor of special chemicals and food additives with branches in 16 countries. Products offered range from additives, waxes, resins and...

    Supplier of: Resins | building chemicals | carnauba wax | ascorbic acid | corrosion inhibitors [+] food ingredients | glycerol | vitamins | solvents | elastomers | chemical retailer | speciality chemicals | thickeners | additives | polyvinyl alcohol

    • Synthetic Oils Synthetic Oils
    • Active Ingredients Active Ingredients
    • Wax Specialties Wax Specialties
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    GERMANY- Blieskastel
    POLYSTONE CHEMICAL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    What Hans Hubrich set up in Oberweiler im Tal, Germany, with two employees back in 1989 is now an international leading company in the production of UV gels. Sixty-seven employees work in a total...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | fingernail cosmetics | primer | fingernail gel | nail polish [+] gels for artificial fingernails | nail care products | products for styling nails | permanent make-up | liquid hand disinfectant | nightglow colours | poly acrylic gels | poly acrylic tubes | builder gel | glitter gel

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    AUSTRIA- Bischofshofen
    LOUISE PLEGÉ COSMETICS - Verified by Europages

    Are you looking to make your product idea a reality, expand your existing sales channels with a cosmetics line, carry out a special promotion or design a promotional gift? We are the right partner...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | natural cosmetics | herbal cosmetics | manufacturer of cosmetics | cosmetics for animals [+] eye cosmetics | cosmetics formulation | organic cosmetics | disinfection agents | haircare | solar protection | manufacturing of classic organic natural cosmetic line | baby products | manufacturer of skin care products | cosmetic product development

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    SWITZERLAND- Berneck
    JÜSTRICH COSMETICS AG - Verified by Europages

    As a contract manufacturer, Jüstrich Cosmetics creates outstanding special cosmetics and highly effective natural cosmetics. Our success is based on the balanced use of the finest natural materials with cutting edge active...

    Supplier of: Shampoos | Haircare products | Cosmetics | cosmetics | manufacturer of cosmetics [+] herbal cosmetics | development of cosmetics | herbal cosmetics | sunscreens, cosmetic | hemp cosmetics | eye cosmetics | natural-based cosmetics | development and manufacture of cosmetics | manufacturing of classic organic natural cosmetic line | manufacturer of skin care products

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    GERMANY- Bad Bentheim
    VEHGRO - Verified by Europages

    What is important to you about doing business with an organic wholesaler? A choice of small and large purchase quantities. Huge range of organic products. Online orders for a fair price. A partner...

    Supplier of: Spices | organic wholesale | bio wholesale | bio wholesale | natural foods importer [+] bulk natural foods | natural foods bulk | wholesale organic foodstuffs | bulk organic foodstuffs | organic herbs (bio) | organic spices | organic sweeteners | wholesale herbs | wholesale spices | wholesale sweeteners

    • Najel Soap Dish wood Najel Soap Dish wood Najel Soap Dish wood
    • Indian Soap Nuts Sapindus mukorossi Indian Soap Nuts Sapindus mukorossi Indian Soap Nuts Sapindus mukorossi
    • Najel Red clay Powder Najel Red clay Powder Najel Red clay Powder
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    OCTOPUS LLC - Verified by Europages

    Elian Group is one of the leading manufacturers of color cosmetics in Russia. With production capacity of more than 2 million pieces monthly, Elian Group creates hundreds of products for own brands...

    Supplier of: Make-up articles | Beauty products | Make-up | Cosmetics | cosmetic accessories [+] color cosmetics | Hygiene and beauty articles | professional make-up | china inks | corrector | mascara | lip gloss | eyeliners | foundation | eyeshadows

    • Summer Collection WILD PARADISE Summer Collection WILD PARADISE Nail Lacquer
    • Nail Polish Home Salon Nail Polish Home Salon Nail Polish
    • GEL-effect Nail Lacquer GEL-effect Nail Lacquer Nail Lacquer
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  • Cosmetics made by MBR are associated with innovation along with tradition, effectiveness, tolerability, functionality, reliability and durability. MBR is unique, essential, long-term and customised....

    Supplier of: Shampoos | Beauty creams | Skin-care products | cosmetics | skin cosmetics [+] development of cosmetics | Hygiene and toilet products | Hygiene and beauty articles | Perfume and beauty products | Perfumes - essences and scents | perfume creation | beauty products | perfumes | dermatological pharmaceutical products | manufacturer of skin care products

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  • Global Beauty Consulting is a French cosmetics laboratory in the heart of Cornouaille that offers a range of services for the cosmetics and perfumery industries: formulation, regulations, setting up...

    Supplier of: Haircare products | Skin-care products | Cosmetics | cosmetics laboratory | natural cosmetics [+] manufacturer of cosmetics | cosmetics regulations | cosmetics manufacturer | cosmetics laboratory | cosmetics creation | personalised perfumes | makeup products | development and manufacture of cosmetics | creation of cosmetics ranges | perfume creation

    • Factory and laboratory creation Factory and laboratory creation
    • Quality Quality Good Manufacturing Practices implementation
    • Regulation Regulation
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    GERMANY- Rudolstadt
    ARTEFACTUM GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Shampoos | Beauty creams | Cosmetics | natural cosmetics | packaging of cosmetic products

    • Masks Masks
    • active ingredient concentrates active ingredient concentrates
    • Contract manufacturer cosmetics Contract manufacturer cosmetics
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    GERMANY- Uetersen
    SWEET INGREDIENTS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Sweet Ingredients is your advisory distributor for natural sweeteners as sugar substitutes and food additives, focusing on low-glycemic, tooth-friendly sugar substitutes, such as Xylitol. Other...

    Supplier of: Food and beverage additives | sweeteners | fructose | sugar substitutes | stevia [+] maltitol | fructose syrup

    • Rare Sugars Rare Sugars High quality specialty sugar
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    ARVITEX, LLC - Verified by Europages

    The Arvitex company is a trade company offering a wide range of household and cosmetic products of high quality of an affordable price. We specialize in the manufacturing of products under our own...

    Supplier of: Toiletries | Sanitary towels | Oral hygiene | Skin-care products | Cosmetics [+] Beauty products | Hygiene and toilet products | Cleaning and maintenance products, household | Bags, plastic | Handbags | Floorcloths | rubbish bag | oral hygiene products | brushes | personal care and beauty articles and products

    • Wet wipes Wet wipes Multipurpose wet wipes Emily Style with lid, 120 pcs
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    AKVION, JSC - Verified by Europages

    We, VTF-AKVION Group, are one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers of natural and unique products for healthy living. We develop and market unique products for healthy lifestyle. All products...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Beauty products | Phytotherapy products | Vitamins and provitamins | Food supplements [+] Pharmaceutical products | Medicines | functional foods | vitamin supplements | antiseptics | antioxidants | natural product | vitamins | workshop preparations | food additives

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  • Our company has a clear focus as a supplier and service provider to the food industry, particularly to the fruit juice and beverage sector. Our valuable fruits are produced both as end products and...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Extracts, food | Fruit juices | vegetable extracts | concentrated fruit juices [+] animal feed | organic fruit juice | sea buckthorn products | sea buckthorn oil | organic products | fruit extracts | organic fruit juices | jerusalem artichoke products | aronia products | fruit pulp

    • Cosmetics Industry Cosmetics Industry
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