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  • STEKLONiT JSC is the largest Russian manufacturer and supplier of products based on fiberglass, including building, reinforcing, composite materials and geosynthetics. The plant is a part of ... Supplier of: Glass fibre and wool | glass fibres | Fabrics, nonwoven | Thermal insulation materials | geosynthetic fabrics [+] geosynthetical materials | insulation material | concrete reinforcements | geosynthetic products | geosynthetics | building and construction meshes | glass yarns and fibers | glass-fiber fabrics and nonwovens | building grids | fiberglass articles for vehicles
    RUSSIA - Ufa
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  • Supplier of: Glass fibre and wool | Fabrics, nonwoven | Geotextiles | fibreglass needle mats | unwoven fabric soundproofing materials (geotextiles)
    GERMANY - Windeck
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  • DEUTSCHES METALLFASERWERK has been a successful family-run company since 1951 – and we are now in our third generation. Our experience in developing and manufacturing STAX metal fibres covers a wide... Supplier of: Steel wool | copper fibres | brass fibres | steel fibres | steel fibre [+] aluminium fibres | aluminium wool | synthetic fibres | brass wool | technical fibres | Fabrics, nonwoven | polyester industrial yarn | stainless steel fibres | needle-punched non-wovens | industrial yarn
    GERMANY - Neidenstein
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  • NEAUSTIMA, JSC produces the following regenerated fibre and non-woven materials of high-quality raw material: needle-punched felt, thermally fixed felt, thermally enhanced cushioning, ply cushioning,... Supplier of: Cotton fibres | Linen fibres | Wool fibres | Fabrics, nonwoven | Geotextiles [+] Textile fibres, natural | Textile - import-export | Technical textiles | Technical textiles for industrial applications | Polyester | Technical textiles for the transport industry | Fabrics for technical use | wadding | needle-punched felt
    LITHUANIA - Siauliai
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