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  • Supplier of: Laundry services - industrial | industrial laundry for institutions | Textile dyeing | clothing ironed | clothes laundered
    FRANCE - Arles
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  • Platform for pooling B2B supplier audits. Winner of Innovation Trophy at CFIA 2017, in Quality category. Mutual Audit offers 3 solutions. Solution 1: we offer the pooling of supplier audits based on... Supplier of: mock audit service provider for industries | expert assessment service provider and quality audits for the agri-food industry | Auditing, international | audit and internal control consultants | audit analyses for the food-processing industry [+] platform for pooling supplier audits | b2b audit supplier | second party audit | audit raw materials and ingredients | audit and inspection of quality control and security | audit to avoid food fraud | consultancy firm and supplier audit | quality audit for ifs, brc and iso, global gap standards | supplier audits and assessments | pooled supplier audits for the agri-food industry
    FRANCE - Vannes
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  • Supplier of: Equipped offices and industrial premises - services | Engineering - industrial contractors
    FRANCE - Jarcieu
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  • Supplier of: cleaning services for the industrial building trade | cleaning services for food industries | industrial cleaning services | Cleaning services | cleaning services for public and commercial premises
    FRANCE - Rennes Cedex
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  • Supplier of: industrial cleaning services | cleaning services for food industries | Cleaning, industrial | cleaning companies | cleaning of premises
    FRANCE - Saint-Malo
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