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  • Full funeral organization service. Transport of the deceased to and from the funeral location in Italy and abroad. Administrative paperwork, burial formalities and airport formalities processed for national... Supplier of: Funeral cars | undertakers | funerals organised | funeral services | funeral parlour [+] funeral home
    ITALY - Castenedolo
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  • ...formalities, national and international transport, dressing the deceased, cremation, flower services, standard and luxury coffins, loculi and tomb purchases, photoceramics, displays and souvenirs,... Supplier of: Ambulance and funeral transport | Undertakers - requisites | Funeral cars | funeral directors | undertakers [+] complete funeral services | funeral transfers
    ITALY - Marino
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  • ...national and international funeral transportation, comprehensive funeral services, mortuary pass, cremation and exhumation services and work for cemeteries. The firm has worked in the sector for several generations,... Supplier of: Funeral cars | complete funeral services | funeral transfers | funeral services | undertakers
    ITALY - San Daniele Del Friuli
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  • ...First class services we recommend both nationally and internationally, the U.S. found 24 hours a day, 7 days on 7 support necessary so that together to find effective solutions in line with the requirements. In case... Supplier of: Funeral cars | funeral repatriation | repatriation funeral
    ROMANIA - Bucuresti
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  • ...generations, taken charge of international and national funeral transport, cremations, burials, inhumations, funeral organisation, funeral decoration, services for cremations, fast track funeral... Supplier of: Funeral cars | undertakers | cinerary urns | funeral services | cremation
    ITALY - Portici
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  • ...with highly experienced staff. Our services include cremation, burial, national and international transport of the deceased, all paperwork with cemeteries, transport and customs formalities at airports. Supplier of: Undertakers - requisites | Funeral cars | cremation and burial services | undertakers
    ITALY - Napoli
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  • ...range of services including national and international transport, adivce, round-the-clock telephone reception. A large variety of services are at your disposal, from managing the... Supplier of: Funeral cars | coffins | cremation | document procedures for cremation | disinterments
    ITALY - Messina
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