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  • Present on the market for 30 years, we are clearly client oriented and aim to satisfy their requirements, from the simplest to the most complex, thanks to our technical specialisation and dynamic... Supplier of: Plastics moulding | mould manufacturing for plastics | injection moulding of plastics | printing on plastic | assembly for third parties [+] ultrasonic welding
    ITALY - Campi Bisenzio
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  • Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | manufacture of moulds for plastics | injection moulds
    ITALY - Pontirolo Nuovo
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  • Design and fabrication of moulds for raw materials and tear-off threaded closures, flip top closures, push-pull stoppers and tamper-evident closures. Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | moulds for plastic materials | plastic mould machining | mould design and manufacturing | mould design [+] moulds | two-tone flip top closures | tamper proof ring | double-layer threaded closure | 38 hot fill closure | espresso coffee capsules | moulds for the food industry | push pull buttons
    ITALY - Briosco
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  • Founded in 1978 by Cresseri Luigi and Abbondini Giliano, the company C.S.F. has its head office in Castenedolo, in the province of Brescia, a town that has exported its high quality industrial... Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | construction of moulds for plastic materials | manufacture of moulds for rubber | Die casting moulds | mould design [+] moulds for rubber | brioche moulds | cast mould design | foundry moulds | construction of die cast moulds
    ITALY - Castenedolo
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  • Our O.C.S.A. plastic moulding business is a leader in the plastic injection moulding industry, design and manufacture of moulds for thermoplastics and thermosetting, stopper for aluminium profiles, accessories for frames, technical plastic... Supplier of: manufacture of moulds for plastics and thermosets | moulding of plastic materials | moulds for plastic materials | design of moulds for plastics | construction of moulds for plastic materials [+] machines and equipment for moulding plastic materials | Chains, plastic | mould design | accessories for frames | thermosetting materials | thermosetting moulds | technical articles in plastic | end pieces for aluminium structural shapes | thermoplastic injection moulding
    ITALY - Senago
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  • ...uses include preparing chemicals used in the manufacture of animal feed and additives for the food industry, as well as composite materials for moulding in the electrical industry, the transport sector... Supplier of: Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives | Chemistry - laboratory products | Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives | Resins | benzol [+] esters of organic acids | catalysts | fumaric acid | chemicals for the paper industry | chemicals for the plastics industry | chemical product | chemical additives for the food and canning industry | compound materials | composite materials with resins | chemical additives
    ITALY - Scanzorosciate
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  • ...includes: pipes, joins and accessories for the circulation of freon in refrigeration and industrial cooling systems; Moulded rubber and plastic parts; metal pipes, pipe systems for air, water, fuel, urea. Supplier of: Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic | Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic | Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic | Flexible tubes - non-ferrous metal | Sheet Metal & Tubes [+] pipes for high pressure | corrugated pipes | connectors for air conditioning systems | multilayered pipes | air conditioning tubes | thermoplastic pipes | flexible tubing | reinforced tubes | injection molding | urea lines
    ITALY - Mappano
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  • Design and manufacture of moulds, thermoplastic items moulding , accessories for doors and windows, plastic materials. Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Plastic products for the furniture industry | moulding rubber | technical articles in plastic | plastics processing [+] flexible plastic foam materials | rigid acrylic plastic materials | plastic materials | transparent acrylic plastic materials | indexed handle | mould design | primary and semi-finished plastic products | plastic knobs | plastic fastening systems
    ITALY - Monsano
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  • ...and production to plans and/or samples of moulds in tempered steel for plastics forming technical, aesthetic and bi-material items. It specialises in moulds for various types of connectors, and... Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | moulds for plastic materials | design of moulds for plastics | mould building | mould design [+] moulds | automatic feeders for aquariums | moulds for rubber | battery-operated aquarium vacuum cleaners | angels | mould design with cad-cam technology | own production | technical assistance
    ITALY - Costa Di Mezzate
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  • for plastics and vacuum moulding for sheets and spools. Using this technology, the company designs and manufactures packaging and handling solutions used for an extremely wide range of items. Supplier of: Disposable tableware and articles made of paper, cardboard and plastic | tableware | crockery | paper and board articles for the food and canning industry | glasses [+] industrial food trays | piattopak items | paper items for the catering industry | plastic packaging design | plastic take away pizza containers | blister packs | customisable handling trays | plastic thermoforming
    ITALY - Gornate Olona
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  • ...has 25 years' experience in the thermoplastic moulding industry. The leading company offers its customers a working process that starts by designing the part, assisted by CADCAM systems, then the making of moulds with CNC... Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | moulding of plastic materials | moulds for plastic materials | Plumbing, domestic [+] accessories for valves | taps and fittings | mould design | chrome-plating on plastics | bathroom fixtures | manufacturing of small parts | tap handles and levers | cad - cam machining
    ITALY - Omegna
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  • that works in the plastics printing sector. PMC moulds all kinds of plastics for all the requirements of companies (goods manufacturing) and institutions (schools, administrations, leisure). Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | plastic moulding workshops | rubber and plastic injection moulding | plastic articles for household use | injection moulding [+] small parts in plastic | kindergarten furniture | school furnishings | plastic chairs for institutions | plastic chairs for performances | school furnishing components | plastic school chairs | plastic table stands | plastic tables and chairs for children
    ITALY - Marzabotto
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  • ...Casone S.P.A. has been manufacturing plastic containers ranging from 0.125 – 60 litres in capacity, available in tapered, oval, cylindrical and rectangular forms that can be customized with in mould labelling.... Supplier of: Casks, barrels, drums and cans, plastic | tintometric paste containers | epoxy resin containers | ink containers | electrical conductor containers [+] bitumen containers | plastic packaging | buckets | paint buckets | adhesive buckets | containers for chemicals | regenerated containers | honey containers | containers approved for hazardous materials
    ITALY - Noceto
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  • and repairs hydraulic components from leading brands used in the following industries: energy, manufacturing, marine, aviation, earthmoving, agriculture, steelworks, rail, plastic mouldings. Supplier of: Oil-hydraulic plants and equipment | hydraulic pumps | hydraulic power packs | hydraulic systems | design of hydraulic systems [+] spare parts for hydraulic equipment | industrial hydraulics | hydraulic pipes | hydraulic valves | manufacture of oil hydraulics components | repair and renovation of hydraulic motors | variable cylinder hydraulic pumps | bosch rexroth pumps and motors | bosch rexroth repairs and reselling
    ITALY - Z.i.-Battipaglia
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  • ...draw steel profiles and injection systems in the plastics sector. The Plasthing division designs and manufactures hot runner systems, complete hot halves, single bushings, filter nozzles and complete moulds... Supplier of: moulds for plastics | Sections and bars - ferrous metal | filter nozzles | hot runner systems | complete moulds for thermoplastics [+] building cold drawn profiles | automotive cold drawn profiles | projecting and manufacturing cold drawn profiles
    ITALY - Madonna Dell'olmo-Cuneo
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  • specialised in the making and moulding of phenolic plastics, BMC, SMC, melamines and technical items, as well as the design, handling and manufacture of moulds. Using its own drawings and dimensions or... Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | construction of moulds for plastic materials | moulding of plastic materials | plastic materials | injection moulding [+] printing workshops for thermoplastics | thermoplastic moulding | machining of plastic materials
    ITALY - Seveso
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  • ...and maintenance of small and medium size moulds for plastics and rubber. We make moulds for high-precision technical components for the automobile, electric and household appliance sectors. We supply the... Supplier of: Plastics moulding | moulds for plastic materials | injection moulds for plastics | manufacture of moulds | plastic moulds [+] moulds with inserts
    ITALY - Marostica
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  • ...that specialises in manufacturing moulds and high-precision engineering items in its well-equipped premises in Ascoli Piceno. We design moulds for: injection cutting and embossing plastics, die casting,... Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | moulds for plastic materials | moulds | wire machining | shaping with tufa [+] mould design | mould design with cad-cam technology | construction of custom moulds
    ITALY - Grottammare
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  • ...and manufacture of high precision moulds for casting plastic materials and pressure moulding. The mould manufacture division is equipped with machine tools that can handle formats up to 2600x1100x900,... Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | design of moulds for plastics | machine shop | mould design | mould design with cad-cam technology
    ITALY - Sabbio Chiese
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  • ...concentrates on sheet pressing, plastic moulding, assembly and adjustments where it manufactures handles, locks, fasteners and everything else needed to build cabs for industrial vehicles and... Supplier of: Spare parts for lorries and trailers | tractor handles | tractor locks | tractor cab spare parts | tractor handle spare parts [+] bonnet closures
    ITALY - Bruino
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  • the plastic packaging sector. We manufacture moulded containers in volumes that run from 10 cc to 10 litres, for use in all key sectors: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals,... Supplier of: Boxes, plastic | pvc containers | plp containers | hdpe containers | pet containers [+] printed plastic containers | food-grade plastic flasks and containers | plastic flasks and containers for perfumery and cosmetics
    ITALY - Conegliano
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  • ...of all types of slide fasteners, moulded plastic and metal, in a wide variety of dimensions and types, as well as hook-and-loop fasteners for a vast range of applications, and sewing threads. Supplier of: Zip fasteners | separable zippers | zipper tabs | zip fasteners | hinge joint [+] nylon zip fasteners | metal zip fasteners | hook-and-loop fasteners
    ITALY - Arosio
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  • ...cabinet ventilation systems. Our injection moulding shop produces small parts, technical articles and process pipes, we carry out abrasion grinding, make small parts for eyewear, riveted sockets, compound cabling,... Supplier of: Plastics moulding | extrusion of plastic materials | wiring harness | led lamp-holder sockets | small parts for spectacles [+] cabling for ventilation | cabling for lighting | expandable eyelets
    ITALY - Limana
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  • The company works in the equipment construction sector, manufacturing all types of moulds and moulding plastics. Supplier of: Mechanical engineering - custom work | machine shop | mould design | metal moulding | aluminium moulds [+] special steels | brioche moulds | mechanical constructions
    ITALY - San Maurizio D'opaglio
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  • Cabl-ass has been working in the plastic moulding business for more than 20 years, and has managed to specialize on a niche. The company is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certified for its plastic moulding and signalling tape... Supplier of: Stoppers and caps, plastic | packing and packaging materials | plastic stoppers for packaging | pressure caps | champagne closures [+] threaded crowns | thermo retracting crowns | varied plastic items | plastic strips | signage strips | items for the food industry | plastic capsules | protective lids
    ITALY - Soiano Del Lago
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  • ...manufacture of small and medium sized moulds for plastic. We are at the disposal of customers and ready to create working relationships with companies in the plastic business to design and manufacture... Supplier of: design of moulds for plastics | moulds for plastic materials | construction of moulds for plastic materials | Moulds, precision | wire machining [+] mould design with cad-cam technology | shaping with tufa | mould design
    ITALY - Farra Di Soligo
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  • ...and laser etching. PROGIND srl integrates -Mould co-designing -Latest mechanical solutions -Raw material evaluation -Mould flow study with its over 40-years of technical experience and know how in order to obtain... Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | injectionmoulds | chromiumplating | lasering | varnishing
    ITALY - Azeglio
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  • 1980 for the manufacturing of plastic injection mould. To be more competitive in the mould production sector, we have constantly increased the technical skill and knowledge of our staff... Supplier of: Plastic products for the farm-produce industry | plastic materials | crates | injection moulding | injection moulds
    ITALY - Loreto
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  • ...the company works in the plastics moulding sector, including sub-contracting, manufacture of plastic and metal parts for the home, DIY, gardening, construction, electrical and electronics sector, tools... Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | construction of moulds for plastic materials | design of moulds for plastics | mould design | injection moulding
    ITALY - Appiano Gentile
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  • ...steel injection moulds for rubber and plastics. The production cycle starts with the design phase, after which the mould is produced, and it ends with a careful programme of meticulous checks of the finished product. The... Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | mould design | moulds for glasses
    ITALY - Limana
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