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  • ...innovations in the washing head manufacturing sector, thanks to a production optimisation process based on careful and meticulous feedback from our main clients. A range of low and high pressure... Supplier of: wash head | swivel wash heads | cleaning heads | rotary washing nozzles | rotating head [+] wheelie-bin washing machines | Food industry - machinery and equipment | nozzles | spherical auto-rotating heads | spherical rotating head | auto-rotating head | spherical rotating head | wine & drinks industry
    ITALY - Montecchio Emilia
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  • ...for empyting tanks, combination machinery, high-pressure jet spraying equipment, cisterns for transporting water and fuel, hosing and road washing equipment, movable cisterns, semi-trailer cisterns. Supplier of: Vehicles - services | Skips for industrial vehicles | Tankers, lorry | preparations for industrial and special motor vehicles | tanker trucks [+] environmental equipment | combination equipment | roadway cleaners | roadway flusher trucks | dished end-plates | high pressure jet spraying | cisterns for transport of drinking water | fuel tanks | equipment for emptying septic tanks | movable cisterns
    ITALY - Triggiano
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