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  • NINESUN is a company based in Xiamen, China. Since 1992, we are specialized in the manufacturing and processing of non-ferrous metal materials. Besides China, we export our countries all over the...

    Supplier of: Cold rolled steel strips | Import-export - steels and metals | tungsten carbide | carbon steel | aluminium bronze [+] aluminum manganese | aluminum zinc | aluminum copper | brass bar tube tape | bronze bar tube tape | zinc galvanized steel | hot dipped steel | 304 stainless sheet | stainless coil plate | wolfram oxide

    • Samarium Cobalt powder SmCo Samarium Cobalt powder SmCo Samarium Cobalt holds its standard property in higher maximum temperatures
    • Samarium Cobalt powder SmCo Samarium Cobalt powder SmCo Samarium Cobalt holds its standard property in higher maximum temperatures
    • High quality cobalt tungsten High quality cobalt tungsten carbide tungsten compound powder
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    GERMANY- Willich
    WOMET GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...and much more besides. We also offer special powder materials for the following applications: Thermal sprays, welding, brazing, additive manufacturing. Thanks to our close contact and direct collaboration with powder...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | Minerals | tantalum | tungsten | solder powders [+] thermal spray powders | chrome metals | zirconium powder | zirconium oxide | technical chromium oxide | stainless steel powders | steel powders | highly pure metals | nickel-based alloys | hafnium

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    GERMANY- Sankt Augustin
    METALLPULVER24 - Verified by Europages

    metallpulver24 is your partner for procuring, delivering and shipping metal powders, granules, filings, pastes and other metal goods, as well as accessories for processing and storing products. Our...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | lead wool | protective gloves | graphite powder | graphite [+] lead | silver powder | copper powder | aluminium powder | ceramic pastes | copper pastes | aluminium granules | iron granules | iron filings | copper granules

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    TURKEY- Cankaya/ankara
    ILLIYYUN SAV. OTO. DAN. LTD. - Verified by Europages

    Illiyyun is a Turkish company that distributes medical devices, equipments and product: Hospital furniture, personal protection, orthopedics, syringe, nebulizer, bandage, surgery packs, chemicals and...

    Supplier of: Medical Equipment | Gloves | bandages | hospital furniture | personal protection [+] orthopedics | syringe | surgical tape | masks | medical containers | drug trolleys | hospital shelf | medical distributor turkey | medical textile | kn95 masks

    • Orange G Orange G CHEMICALS
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    SWITZERLAND- Bronschhofen
    TELSONIC AG - Verified by Europages

    The Swiss Telsonic Group has been offering its industrial ultrasonic solutions through representation in Europe, America and Asia since 1966. Constant innovations help to ensure that, in many...

    Supplier of: Ultrasound systems - Processing plastics | Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing | Ultrasonic cutting machines | Food industry packaging machinery | welding machines for plastics [+] welding equipment for plastics | ultrasonic generators | ultrasound equipment | machines for working plastics | ultrasonic components | ultrasound cleaning equipment | ultrasonic cleaner | ultrasound welding machines for plastics | ultrasound welding | ultrasonic screening machines

    • Screening generator SG4L twin Screening generator SG4L twin The benefit to you is simple and efficient screening
    • SF and SK screening converters SF and SK screening converters Diverse applications
    • Screening resonators Screening resonators Perfectly tailored for optimum screening results
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    GERMANY- Frankfurt Am Main
    TRADIUM GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Owner-managed company TRADIUM GmbH in Frankfurt has been satisfying customers in trade and industry since 1999. Our international customers come from different industry sectors that use rare earths,...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | Metals, precious and special | Platinum | Palladium | tantalum [+] zircons | precious metal trading | cobalt | rare earths | technology metals | semifinished precious-metal products | gallium | indium | titanium | germanium

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  • LLC TPE BONUSTRADE was established in March 2013 by a group of professionals and initially positioned itself as a manufacturer of exclusively high-quality carbon-containing materials and various...

    Supplier of: Carbon and graphite - electrical components | Lubricants, graphite | Steel, carbon | graphite | coal and graphite processing [+] graphite for electroerosion | cast spheroid graphite iron | graphite elements | kaolin | colloidal graphite | carbon raw materials | cryptocristalline graphite | lubricating graphites | silica fine flour

    • Powder iron Powder iron Metal powders and alloys
    • Metal separation Metal separation Welding and soldering materials
    • Powder for increase of wear resistance of blocks Powder for increase of wear resistance of blocks iron powders
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  • Supplier of: Metal powders

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  • Supplier of: Metal powders

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    GERMANY- Neuss
    HOESCH GRANULES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Metal powders

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    GERMANY- Mainz
    S & S SCHEFTNER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Metal powders

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  • Supplier of: Metal powders

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Ashford, Kent

    Cucina Finance (UK) Limited provides personal loans/business loans/trade finance/import & export loans/project loans to companies of all sizes ranging from individuals, companies and trader's...

    Supplier of: Credit companies | investment advising | personal loans | business loan | trade finance

    • Trade Finance & Working Capital Trade Finance & Working Capital Business Loan & Project Finance Available
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    TURKEY- Istanbul

    turkey's Cheapest Industrial bakery and Kitchen Market, which FORMEX service quality, product variety reliable brand in the industry for many years on issues such as official manufacturer guaranteed...

    Supplier of: Food extracts - machines and equipment | industrial kitchen and hotel equipment | industrial kitchen and hotel | industrial kitchen

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    RUSSIA- Kursk

    ...competence in the areas of ultrafine grinding of metals, polymers, and minerals. During the activity of the company, we managed to develop a large base for crushing rubber waste, obtaining active rubber powders and adding them to the...

    Supplier of: Processing and recycling of waste | granulating mills | waste recycling system design | comminution mills | waste grinding

    • Multichannel jet-vortex mill MKM-400 Multichannel jet-vortex mill MKM-400 Metal powder for various technologies
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  • Hunan Huawei Jingcheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. (the Company), located in the Yuelu Mountain Hi-tech Park, is engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and application of titanium, zirconium, hafnium,...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | Steel, carbon | Research and development of new materials | Metallurgy and iron and steel industry - machinery and installations | non-ferrous metals

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    Buffalo Tungsten is been a leading independent manufacturer and supplier of high purity tungsten powders. With over three decades of experience and a sole focus on powdered tungsten materials, our...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | tungsten powder | tungsten carbide powder | thermal spray powder


    • Thermal Spray Powder Thermal Spray Powder Tungsten Carbide Thermal Spray Powder
    • Tungsten Carbide Powder Tungsten Carbide Powder Tungsten Carbide Powder WC Powder
    • Tungsten Powder Tungsten Powder Tungsten Powder W Powder
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    UNITED STATES- Dubois, Pa

    Founded in 1976, ATLAS PRESSED METALS is a manufacturer of complex and simple structural iron, sinter-hardened steel, stainless, copper, brass, and bronze components utilizing the pressed metal (also...

    Supplier of: powdered metal | Sintering - steels and metals | sintered metal products | manufacturer of structural iron | manufacturer of sinter-hardened steel

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  • SHENZHEN POCO MAGNETIC CO., LTDIn 2004, Shenzhen POCO Magnetic Co., Ltd. began to do the powder R&D tests in China, and we have successfully developed gas atomization of Fe-Si powder in 2007. So far,...

    Supplier of: metal powder | Electrical components and parts | manufacturing of magnetic cores | powder core | choke design service

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    RUSSIA- Tula

    POLEMA JSC is the leading manufacturer of chromium, molybdenum, tungsten products, metal powders and composite materials. The company is on the top positions of global markets of electrolytic refined...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | powder metallurgy | thermal surfacing powders | powders for sintered components | brazing filler metals

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  • We are the reputed manufacturers and supplier of Various Metal Prealloyed powders for Diamond Tools and powder metallurgy industries . We are exporting our products worldwide to many customers in...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | manufacturer and exporter of metal powders | manufacturers of prealloyed metalpowders | manufacturers of cobalt and nickel powders | manufacturers of grinding wheel

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  • Jiweixin mainly produce nitrogen atomized spherical Aluminum powder. Its registered capital is 77.96 Million Chinese yuan. it covers an area of 108, 669m2. It mainly produce medium diameter...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | metal powders | anti-corrostion coatings | aluminium powder | metallization solar paste

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    DMT Metal is an online store where you can buy metal powders for your 3D metal printer. We have in stock all types and sizes of powders for your equipment. Here you can buy powder at the best prices...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | metal powders | online store selling metal powders for 3d printing | additive manufacturing

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    DENMARK- Hobro

    We are an ambitious Danish development and production company, which finds innovative new solutions in order to help our customers to step into a greener solution. Our employees are dedicated...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | permanent magnets | innovative products

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  • We are the best aluminium powder manufacturer in china.We professional manufacture aluminium powders in China , we were built in 1995, which have the capacity of 12000 tons per year now.During these...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | metal powders | aluminium powder

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    RUSSIA- Ryazan

    Manufacture and delivery of lead, alloys on the basis of lead Manufacture and delivery of articles from lead: Tubes (12*18-: - 125*141 mm), Wire an ellipse (9*12; 12*18 mm), Wire round (d = 1-: -5...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | powder lead | powder ten

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  • Hangzhou Guozhen Wanxin Coating Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is situated in the production base of electrostatic powder coating equipment -Hangzhou which is famous for tourism worldwide. The...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | powder coating robots | automatic spray painting

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    CANADA- Ottawa

    FiMatCon is consulting firm specialized in hydrometallurgy, mineral processing and fine particle technology. Our mission is to help our clients with their process development and to provide them with...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives | minerals | metallurgical consultants | applications for the metallurgical industry

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    SPAIN- Bilbao

    BIARASA METAL S.L, Company of EU dedicated to providing raw material in "Base and Minor metals", Titanium, FeMo 72% min, Molybdenum Oxide as supply chain for major Steelmakers, Smelters, Master...

    Supplier of: Metal powders | ferro molybdenum 72% | molybdenum oxide

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  • 5N PLUS
    BELGIUM- Tilly

    5N Plus est chef de file dans la production de sels et métaux spéciaux. 5N Plus fabrique des produits utilisés dans plusieurs applications pharmaceutiques, électroniques et industrielles avancées....

    Supplier of: metal powders | Metals, precious and special | semi-conductor components | mineral salts | antimony

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