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  • We are constantly revising our product range to be able to offer our customers even more benefits and satisfy the requirements of an ever-changing market. Thanks to our stringent quality checks and... Supplier of: Bags | polyethylene bags | Packaging | Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | Folders, paper [+] handled paper bags | medicines, healthcare articles and hospital supplies sectors | fruit and vegetable crates | packaging for grocery sector | packaging bags for fruit and vegetables | industrial packing | bags and purses | plastic bags | polypropylene carrier bags | fruit packaging
    GERMANY - Egeln
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  • Copeplas S.L. has been manufacturing bags in plastic, paper, polyethylene and polypropylene film or from the coextrusion of other products. Supplier of: Paper bags | manufacture of polyethylene bags | Bags, plastic | Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | promotional bags
    SPAIN - Sant Andreu De La Barca-Barcelona
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  • ...used in many different fields, such as packaging. It is used in the production of boxes, bags, wrapping paper, disposable utensils, coffee and soft drink cups. Polyethylene coated cardboard is also widespread in construction. Supplier of: Lamination - paper and cardboard | Packaging materials - paper and cardboard
    LITHUANIA - Nemencines Sen. Vilniaus R.
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