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    NETHERLANDS- Enschede
    FOOD DISPENSE - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of dry food dispensers and liquid food dispensers for retailshops, or bulk food dispensers for grocery stores, food dispenser shelves for supermarkets, petfood dispensers for pet stores,...

    Supplier of: Food dispensers | Cereals and grains | dry food dispensers | liquid food dispensers | bulk food dispensers [+] bulk bins, gravity bins | food dispenser shelves | petfood dispensers | carousel dispensers | transparent food dispensers | gravity food dispensers | gravity food bins | food scoop box | scoop bin | scoop container

    • Fill Funnel For Fd6003-fd6005-fd6012 Fill Funnel For Fd6003-fd6005-fd6012 Accessories
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    GERMANY- Lübeck
    ENOL FOLIEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We have been active on the German and European packaging markets since 2005 with steadily growing success. This is largely thanks to our many satisfied customers. We provide films and bags 'à la...

    Supplier of: Flexible packing | Plastic packaging | packaging films | flap pouches | bags with adhesive sealing [+] header bags | aluminium compound foil bags | envelopes, transparent | polybags | flat bags | greetings card packaging | greetings card packaging | polypropylene pouches | stand-up pouches (doypack) | mailing bags

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    BELGIUM- Kruishoutem
    DEVE PACK - Verified by Europages

    DeVe-Pack was set up in 1990. Our company has prospered on the strength of its years of experience and expanded its business through international markets. The customers deliver the raw materials to...

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Packaging contractors | Custom packaging | Fabrics, packaging | subcontract single-portion packaging in sachets [+] organic produce packaging | dose packaging | twin sachets | shaped sachets | tablet packaging | powders in sachets | granulate packaging | powder packaging | water-soluble sachets | water-soluble packaging

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    BELGIUM- Mouscron
    GAMMA-WOPLA / SMART FLOW - Verified by Europages

    Since 2006 the Belgian company Smart Flow Europe has been specialised in the design and manufacture of plastic pallets. We export our products throughout Europe. In addition to pallets, Smart Flow...

    Supplier of: Plastic packaging | plastic packaging | Pallets | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | plastic containers [+] pallets for packing | plastic pallets | special containers and pallets | containers and plastic pallets | industrial plastic pallets | plastic tray | stacking bins | pallet boxes | antistatic pallets | esd pallets

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  • ...Lindner Companies stand for innovative plastic packaging that is processed by extrusion blow moulding and injection moulding. We offer long-standing experience and a broad product range that extends from trigger sprayers, fine mist...

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Plastics - industrial products | Silk-screen printing | nebulisers-atomisers | canisters [+] spraying systems, industrial | synthetic caps | plastic boxes | nebulizer pumps | bottle caps | laminated sachets for liquid substances | plastic bottles for laboratories | childproof caps | scrap materials | soap dispensers

    • PE & PET bottles and PP & PE jars PE & PET bottles and PP & PE jars plastic bottles / plastic packaging / plastic jars
    • CHS-3ANS SUPERTYPE / Canyon CHS-3ANS SUPERTYPE / Canyon trigger sprayer
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    GERMANY- Hergensweiler
    ROSE PLASTIC AG - Verified by Europages

    ...with sales-promoting product presentation. Our product range comprises more than 4, 000 packagings for a wide variety of applications, for example plastic sleeves, boxes, cassettes, cases and transport and storage systems.

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Plastic packaging | Packaging | plastic packaging | customised plastic packaging [+] plastic packaging materials | plastic case | flexible packaging | packing chains | packing containers | hard shell cases | plastic bushes | case for musical instruments | plastic carrying containers | plastic storage boxes

    • ProtectiveEndCaps PSC ProtectiveEndCaps PSC Plastic Cap
    • ProtectiveCap ProtectiveCap Plastic Cap
    • GripBox GripBox Plastic Cassette
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  • Since 1987, Germany-based manufacturer SMB Schwede Maschinenbau GmbH has worked exclusively in the strapping industry and specialised in the processing of plastic strapping using PP and PET materials...

    Supplier of: Plastic packaging | Wrapping machines | Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment | Machinery and equipment, used and reconditioned | Goods handling systems, continuous [+] strap tightener | automatic wrapping machine | straps | fully automatic strapping machinery | strapping equipment | strapping module | materials handling | smb strapping band | strapping technology | commissioning and maintenance of your smb strapping machinery

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    UKRAINE- Vasyshchevo, Kharkov Region,
    KHARKOV HIMPROM LTD - Verified by Europages

    Kharkov Himprom Ltd. – Ukrainian company specializing in designing and manufacturing of high - durable plastic containers and canisters for storage and transportation of liquid chemicals and food...

    Supplier of: Plastic packaging | Casks, barrels, drums and cans, plastic | plastic packaging for cosmetics | Food packaging | pressure caps [+] containers for cosmetics | plastic work | canisters | plastic containers | containers for hazardous goods | plastic containers for cosmetic uses | plastic containers for pharmaceutical uses | flexible fertilizer tanks | plastic containers for food-related uses | plastic containers for foods

    • Bottle 2L - F02 Bottle 2L - F02 Industrial and Food packaging
    • Jerrycan 10L - K10 stackable Jerrycan 10L - K10 stackable Industrial and Food packaging
    • Jerrycan 10L - A.10 Jerrycan 10L - A.10 Packaging for Agrochemicals
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  • ...quality, a wide range, range of materials for packaging (PP, PS, PET and PVC), special packaging, customised labelling of boxes, printing of small batches, quickly accessible and competent contact partners, short...

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | plastic packaging for deli goods | customised plastic packaging | plastic packaging materials for the food industry | shaker [+] plastic pots | packaging materials for the food industry | round pots | lard pots | octagonal pots | packaging with side seal | rectangular pots | packaging with tamper-evident closure | pet folding boxes | trays for aspic products

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    PROTEK GROUP - Verified by Europages

    ...been manufacturing packaging materials, plastic packaging for the food industry, as well as disposable tableware, cutlery, decoration materials and packaging for agribusiness since 1996. We are constantly improving: we...

    Supplier of: Plastic packaging | plastic packaging for salads | Food packaging | containers for food use | disposable forks [+] food wrap | food-grade polypropylene packaging | fruit packaging | hermetic packaging | ice-cream packaging | pastry and bakery containers | packaging for foods | packaging for meat | packaging for the food-processing industry | pet containers

    • PR-KOR-2105 Plastic correx PR-KOR-2105 Plastic correx
    • PR-TD-185 C5 PR-TD-185 C5
    • PR-SK-170x80 PR-SK-170x80
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  • ...of packaging solutions consisting of plastic films and plastic containers. We use leading technologies in the extrusion, thermoforming, injection moulding, barrier injection moulding and IML (in-mould labelling) production...

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Flexible packing | Packaging | plastic packaging for the food and food preservation industry | plastic packaging for speciality foods [+] Plastics - industrial products | Films and sheets, plastic | deep-drawing films | polypropylene | polypropylene film | packaging films | barrier films for food packaging | film for unitization operation | plastic food containers | microwave meal trays

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    SWITZERLAND- Pratteln
    LOGO-PLASTIC AG - Verified by Europages

    ...we have supported our customers in creating packaging solutions from plastic. These many years of experience and market expertise make us experts in finding your ideal solution. Plastic packaging is a whole system which includes a sealing mechanism, decoration,...

    Supplier of: Cans, drums, casks and barrels, plastic | Plastic packaging | plastic packaging materials for the food industry | customised plastic packaging | plastic liquid packaging [+] packaging for dangerous goods | pet packaging | plastics manufacturing | environmentally-friendly packaging | r-hdpe bottles | marine plastic bottles | round containers | buckets and beakers | adblue | closures

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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    POLYER LLC - Verified by Europages manufacturing of Plastic food packages produced. PolyER offers a wide range of products, including PP & PET food containers, salad bowls and deli containers, hot, cold cups. Industrial warehouses...

    Supplier of: Plastic packaging | Thermos packaging, plastic | plastic packaging for the food and food preservation industry | flexible plastic packaging | plastic packaging materials for the food industry [+] Food packaging | Disposable tableware and articles made of paper, cardboard and plastic | Cardboard - disposable tableware and articles | Paper - disposable tableware and articles | Plastic - disposable tableware and articles | polyester packaging | plastic containers | supplies for the beverage industry | plastic cups | pet containers

    • PP &PS  Plates  PP &PS Plates PP &PS Plates
    • K-95-250 K-95-250 Multi-purpose containers K-95
    • Rectangular PET Container Rectangular PET Container Sp-172*167 mm Rectangular PET Container
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  • ...for over 35 years. We provide specially designed plastic trays for ready-cooked dishes and caterers who want to enhance the value of their products. We provide coverable, portionable, scored, compartmentalised trays and...

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | double shell plastic packaging boxes | plastic packaging and plastic trays for meat | plastic packaging boxes bottoms and covers | thermoformed plastic packaging for the food industry [+] Food packaging | Food - import-export | plastic food containers | food-grade trays | packing | packaging for meat | packaging for fish | packaging products | biodegradable packaging | fruit packaging

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    BULGARIA- Yablanitsa
    GDI CORPORATION - Verified by Europages

    GDI manufactures plastic parts tailored to the specific needs of partners for projects in various industries and business areas, including Medical, Health Care, Household, Supplements Beverage, and...

    Supplier of: Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Blow moulding of rubber and plastic | Printing | Pad printing | Industrial screen printing [+] Screen printing on plastics and PVC | Plastics moulding | pad printing plastic materials | plastic bottles | injection moulding | blister-packing | welded plastic materials | blow moulding plastic materials | plastic parts | plastic components

    • Assembly Assembly
    • Blister Packaging Blister Packaging
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  • iMed is an expert supplier of technical precision parts and assemblies made from plastic in small-, medium- and large-scale series for use in key industries. As a system supplier, iMed can look back...

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Moulds and patterns | Hand tools, non-power | Portable power tools | Rubber and plastic - processing [+] Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Plastics - industrial raw materials | Plastics - industrial products | Plastics - household products | Plastic floor coverings | quick prototyping | die-cast tools for metals | large milled parts | plastic injection-moulded parts for small batches | rapid tooling (for prototype initial samples)

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  • Topcod Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG is your partner when it comes to desiccants, moisture indicators, ESD foils and VCI foils. As a German sales partner for Topcod Industry Co., we can offer you...

    Supplier of: De-humidifying equipment | desiccants | container desiccants | silica gel | moisture indicators [+] esd foils | esd bags | montmorillonite/bentonite | adsorbents | desiccant bags

    • ESD - foils and bags ESD - foils and bags
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  • Design meets functionality: Eye-catching transparent packaging. As a traditional manufacturer of transparent packaging and a wide range of other film products, we recognise the value that packaging...

    Supplier of: Plastic packaging | Packaging | plastic packaging for speciality foods | square plastic packaging | round plastic packaging [+] plastic materials for packaging | Custom packaging - companies | Custom packaging | folding cases | copolymer | taping | plastic food containers | packaging for confectionary | polyethylene packaging solutions | packaging films for the food processing industry

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  • Unger GmbH & Co KG has been operating since 1932. It was set up by the company's "founding father" Bruno Unger in Leipzig. We have long considered ourselves to be a traditional business, and on the...

    Supplier of: Knives, industrial | perforator knives | scrapers | knives for the packaging industry | knives for the printing industry [+] knives for the plastics industry | knives for the food industry | doctor blades | form punching knives | paper cutting knives | plastic cutting knives | machine knives | cutting dies | slitters | special knives

    Brands : 3M

    • Knives for packaging applications Knives for packaging applications
    • Packaging knife Packaging knife
    • Die- and contour punching knives Die- and contour punching knives
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    GERMANY- Beerfelden
    ERNST BECHTOLD & SOHN E.K. - Verified by Europages

    A name that has sounded good since 1885. It is not a sheer coincidence that Bechtold & Sohn can look back on a long and successful history. Now in its fourth generation, the family-run company will...

    Supplier of: Boxes, plastic | Bottles and jars, plastic | plastic packaging | Biochemistry - products | injection moulding [+] biotechnology | sealants | plastic boxes | plastic bottles for laboratories | medical systems | plastic material processing | plastic articles | moulding of plastic materials | plastics manufacturing | soap dispensers

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  • TORRO SP. Z O.O.
    POLAND- Puchały K/janek
    TORRO SP. Z O.O. - Verified by Europages

    We offer high-quality UV offset printing The majority of our productions are PREMIUM packagings on cartons metalized with silver, gold and rainbow film. We print PACKAGINGS with a wide range of...

    Supplier of: Printing | printing cosmetic packaging | printing of flower packaging | printing of wine packaging | packaging for samples [+] packaging for flowers | waterless uv ecological printing | printing on foil | printing stickers on foil | printing on electrostatics | printing of pvc shelfliners | uv printing on cardboard | uv print for pet | uv printing on pp | uv printing on foils

    • Pet Packaging Pet Packaging Pet
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  • RATEC is one of the global leaders in providing magnetic formwork systems and intelligent formwork solutions for the precast concrete parts industry. For more than 25 years, customers all over the...

    Supplier of: Concrete constructions | Concrete forms | concrete formwork | battery formwork | roof formwork [+] slab formwork | triangular cleats for precast concrete parts | mounting parts for precast concrete parts | window formwork | precast part formwork | moulds for precast concrete parts | magnet systems for precast concrete part formwork | machines and systems for producing precast concrete parts | module formwork | cubicle formwork

    • Quicky Quicky Accessories and additional products
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    GERMANY- Beselich
    DSMART GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...for grapes, paper grape pouches, plastic packaging pouches, fruit packaging, vegetable packaging, aluminium foil pouches, stand-up pouches, ziplock pouches, plastic pressure seal bags, gift packaging cans, and pouches for...

    Supplier of: Packaging | stand-up bags | packaging for confectionary | aluminium compound foil bags | vegetable packaging [+] protein powder packaging | fruit packaging | paper bags | doypacks | block bottom bags | tins as gift packaging | pressure seal bags made from plastic | foil packaging | tea packaging | ziplock pouch

    • plastic bag for KN95 face mask packaging plastic bag for KN95 face mask packaging custom printed KN95 face mask packaging plastic bag
    • Plastic stand up pouch with zipper Plastic stand up pouch with zipper Food grade plastic stand up pouch with zipper for cheese buns packaging
    • Plastic medical face mask packaging bag with ziplock Plastic medical face mask packaging bag with ziplock Custom printed plastic medical face mask packaging bag with ziplock
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    GERMANY- Eitorf/sieg
    JEDI KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The JEDI Kunststofftechnik GmbH is one of the leading international manufacturers of soft PVC rolls, panels and sheeting as well as strip curtains of various widths. The recipe to JEDI...

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic | Plastics - semi-finished products | Structural shapes, plastic | Films and sheets, plastic [+] Plastics - industrial products | Plastics - household products | Plastic coatings and laminates | Plastic floor coverings | plastic profiles | rigid pvc sheets | pvc panels | plastic panels | plastic sheeting, semi-finished products | pvc rollers

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    GERMANY- St. Katharinen
    OSKAR PAHLKE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to Oskar Pahlke GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us. Our Products: • Industry and engineering > Sound...

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Sponges | Rubber and plastic - processing | polyethylene | polyurethane foaming [+] gasket padding | working of foamed plastic filtering elements | sponges for cleaning jobs | polyurethane scenery accessories | viscose | foams, synthetic | protective packaging | plastic foam | laminated foams | technical foams

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    GERMANY- Cuxhaven
    FLEROS KUNSTSTOFFE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...containers, plastic bowls, buckets for packaging, as well as sealed containers and rectangular buckets. The following industries and branches of industry for which we offer solutions: Tobacco, food, delicatessen, fruit processing, vegetable processing, cream cheese, chemicals, lacquering and...

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | Food packaging | covers for packaging | plastic boxes | plastic pails [+] packaging material | plastic buckets | plastic trays | sealing bowls | lids for sealing bowls | packaging bucket | round plastic buckets | rectangular plastic buckets | square shaped plastic buckets | plastic bucket with handle

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  • Flat film, half tubes, flap pouches, header pouches. maropack has been manufacturing high-quality, highly transparent flat pouches, header pouches, bottom folding pouches, half tubes and rolls of...

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | envelopes and bags for packing | printed film | taping | semi-tubular films [+] polypropylene film | copolymer | minitickets | rolls of film | flat pouches | greetings card packaging | flap pouches | polypropylene pouches | dispenser film | film blank cuts

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  • ...products in the plastic and packaging industry. It is our priority to bring fast service and high quality together. We always remember our responsibility towards nature and we manufacture packaging. For this...

    Supplier of: Films for packaging | Plastic packaging | Packaging | Plastics - packaging | flexible plastic packaging [+] plastic packaging materials for the food industry | Custom packaging | Custom packaging - companies | Food packaging | stretch film | packing and packaging materials | packaging of food products | shopping bags | flexible packaging | stretch films and wrap

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  • ...projects for our clients. Starkap completes your packaging and adds value to your brand. Trust and quality are the two core principales of our foundation that’s why Starkap is the choice of the trusted brands. As a respectable...

    Supplier of: Plastic packaging | Bottles and jars, plastic | plastic packaging items | Plastics - household products | Custom packaging [+] Protective covers - custom packaging | Cleaning and maintenance products, household | plastic bottles | plastic covers for packing | spray pumps | jars, plastic | plastic closures for packing | childproof caps | design bottle closures | manufacturer of stoppers

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    JOOP VOET - Verified by Europages

    ...destined for use in the food industry for packaging bakery products, confectionery, fish, meat, ice-cream, dairy products, soups, salads, herbs and medicines. Our plastic packaging can be hot-filled and is liquid- and air-tight,...

    Supplier of: Plastic packaging | Packaging | Boxes, plastic | Plastics - packaging | plastic packaging producer [+] plastic packaging for food processing | plastic packaging for medical applications | rigid plastic packaging | Custom packaging | Custom packaging - companies | Food packaging | food containers | plastic cups | rigid plastic containers | industrial packing

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