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  • Supplier of: Flooring, prefabricated concrete | Strips and cleats, wood | traditional wood floors | wooden stairs | staircase with wooden hand rail
    POLAND - Busko Zdrój
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  • Supplier of: Flooring, prefabricated concrete | Concrete products and conglomerates | Poles, concrete | Concrete blocks | beams
    POLAND - Szczecin
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  • Supplier of: Buildings, prefabricated | prefabricated products for industrial buildings | concreting | prefabricated concrete components | Construction, industrial - contractors [+] Concrete products and conglomerates | services for the building trade | building and industrial construction
    POLAND - Warszawa
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  • Our offer is associated with the manufacture of refractory concrete and precast refractory products applied in such areas as iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metals industry, power engineering... Supplier of: incombustible prefabricated units | prefabricated concretes | Refractory materials and products | incombustible concretes | ceramic clay [+] refractories | boilers for biomass | chamotte
    POLAND - Boleslawiec
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  • Supplier of: concrete | prefabricated concrete components | Concrete, ready-mixed
    POLAND - Wroclaw
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