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    POLAND- Tomaszow Lubelski
    PPZ SŁAWA SP.Z O.O - Verified by Europages

    We are the polish supplier of agricultural products for the food processing industry on global markets. Offering different varieties of kidney beans (white and red beans) graded to various sizes and...

    Supplier of: Leguminous vegetables | tinned vegetables | wholesale of vegetables | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | packaged beans [+] dry beans | white kidney beans | butter beans | large kidney beans | kidney beans supplier | polish kidney beans | red kidney beans | dry kidney beans exporter | raw material kidney beans

    • Borlotti kidney beans Borlotti kidney beans borlotti, cranberry beans
    • White kidney beans large White kidney beans large white kidney beans large size
    • White kidney beans White kidney beans Small white kidney beans
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  • P.P.H.U. TEKMAR S.C.
    POLAND- Godów

    Supplier of: Vegetables, tinned

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  • Supplier of: Vegetables, tinned | Fruit-based preparations

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  • Supplier of: Vegetables, tinned | Vegetables, preserved

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  • Supplier of: Vegetables, tinned | Fruit-based preparations

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    POLAND- Gdynia

    Supplier of: canned vegetables | Tinned Foods | Meat, preserved | prepared main courses

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    POLAND- Legionowo

    ...Fresh fruit and vegetables we export can also be found in schools and hospitals in Baltic region. We also supply production plants in foreign countries with cucumbers, onion, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes. We take...

    Supplier of: fruit & vegetables | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | cabbage | apples | carrots

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    POLAND- Łaźniew,ul.błotna 2

    Polish group of vegetables producers .We can offer big quantity of onions, carrots and other vegetables.We guarantie quality and buisness flexibility.Join to our satisfacted customers.Our fields and...

    Supplier of: Fruits and vegetables - import-export | onion | producer | carrots | onions

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    POLAND- Zduńska Wola

    Supplier of: systems and equipment for the fruit and vegetable canning industry | Building hand tools, non-power | electric tools | phthalic anhydride

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    POLAND- Paczewo
    AG FEEDING - Verified by Europages

    ...fibres and powders. We offer apple fibre, which can successfully replace thickeners in production of jams, ketchup and tomato sauce. We offer aronia fibre used as a dye for marmalades, wines, sauces and creams. In our offer you will...

    Supplier of: vegetable fibres | vegetable concentrates | Food Processing | Freeze-dried fruit | Fruit juices [+] frozen fruit | candied fruit | candied fruits | natural dietary fibres | fruit fibres | fruit concentrates | bio freeze dried fruit | bio candied fruit | bio lupine flour

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  • B&P Engineering specialises in stainless steel processing. Our production experience is directly related to the food industry. Our company is one of the few in Europe, which produce high quality...

    Supplier of: Food industry - machinery and equipment | stainless steel tanks | complete production lines for juices | falling film evaporators (industrial evaporators) | subcontracting of stainless steel products [+] shell and tube heat exchangers | cip stations (clean in place) | pressing units for nfc juices | pasteurisation systems | tanks for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries | process tanks, storage tanks | grating, hammer, crushing and disk mills | ultra-filtration systems | food processing machines

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    POLAND- Ozarów Mazowiecki

    ...mostly to supermarkets and wholesalers but we can also arrange individual orders. In our offer we have wide assortment of apples but also other fruits and vegetables. We are looking for new markets to supply fresh...

    Supplier of: Fruits and vegetables - import-export | export fresh fruits and vegetables | import fresh fruits and vegetables | apple apples pear pears cabbage napa red polish imported | international treding fresh fruits and vegetables

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    POLAND- Gorzow Wielkopolski

    ...a GAP certificate. When buying food from us, you can be sure that the services will be rendered by a reliable importer of fruit and vegetables. Our offer includes such products as: - yellow and red pepper, - potatoes, -...

    Supplier of: import of vegetables | export of vegetables | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | Fruit | import of fruit

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  • ...are mainly: meat producers, sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers producers, peeled vegetables producers and producers of frozen food. If you need any kind of plastic packaging, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Supplier of: Food packaging | customized packaging | meat packaging | printed packaging | pape film

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    POLAND- Bardo

    ...storehouses belong to the best in Europe – they can accommodate around 25, 000 tons of products. Carota combines experience with the most modern solutions. Thanks to such an organisation we can offer high-quality vegetables all year...

    Supplier of: Vegetables, fresh | Onions | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | carrots

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    POLAND- Świętochłowice

    ...year Our main services: - sorting (fresh fruits, vegetables) - quality control - packing - returns service - repalletization/position of the pallet - cross docking - pallet service - labeling - washing,...

    Supplier of: Warehouses - cold storage

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    POLAND- Sanok

    ...we offer a wide range of warehouse crates that can be used in modern logistic systems. Our experience in the processing of plastics guarantees high quality of our products.We manufacture: EURO poultry containers –...

    Supplier of: Plastics - packaging | plastic containers

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  • ...pear, cherry, plum, apricot, peach and nectarine trees. We possess our own certified nursery of vegetative rootstock. In our offer you can also find generative rootstock, such as cherry plum and wild cherry.

    Supplier of: Fruit trees | nurseries

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  • ...pomace - dried strawberry pomace - dried pear pomace - and others. Each of our products can be prepared in different sizes for example flakes, fiber, seeds, or prepare size under the customer's request.

    Supplier of: Feeds for animal farming | dried fruit flour

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