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  • ...providing paper patterns, prototypes, definitive samples and technical sewing process sheets for factories productions. Our skilled style office support fashion designers, choosing fabrics and minutia from... Supplier of: Fashion design | paper patterns for clothing | prototyping | lace supplier | manifacture
    ITALY - Lecce
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  • ...samples that will be delivered within 2 working days. All our samples are cut directory from planks of the product to guarantee that our samples are an accurate representation of the floor. The majority of... Supplier of: Wood products | flooring | wood flooring | engineered wood flooring | discounted cheap flooring
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  • ...clients designs & order starting from salesman sample to the final production & shipment maintaining 100% quality to maximize our customer’s profit and faith in product and our service may it be in... Supplier of: Sweaters | polo shirts | jumpers and pull-overs
    BANGLADESH - Dhaka
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  • ...pieces of leather, wholesale remnants and samples in stock, our company is a testament to the skills of the past and the promise of the future. It brings together 35 years' of experience and professionalism.... Supplier of: Leather and skins for fine leather goods | Work gloves | tanneries | import of skins and hides | skin dealers
    ITALY - Forli'
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