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  • Supplier of: Heat exchangers | Engineering - industrial consultants
    RUSSIA - St.-Petersburg
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  • Astutek provides customers with Industrial Cast and Forged Valves, Chemical pumps and Pumps according to API 610, Reactors for petrochemical and gaschemical industries, SKID units and Heat exchanges. Supplier of: Petrochemical industry - installations and equipment | industrial valves | chemical pumps | reactors | heatexchangers
    RUSSIA - Saint-Peterburg
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  • Comprehensive integration of "turnkey" refrigeration and heat exchange equipment for providing a comfortable climate (air conditioning) of buildings and for process plants via chiller, dry-coolers. Supplier of: Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment | chiller | drycooler
    RUSSIA - Moscow
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  • Supplier of: plate-type heat exchangers | Heating, industrial - installations and equipment | pumping stations
    RUSSIA - Sankt-Peterburg
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