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  • ...service are quite well established in Slovenia. Furthermore, company's founders often acquire inappropriate help. The reason for this is that they do not know who and what can help them to establish successful company. Supplier of: Cleaning companies | cleaning services for company cafeterias | cleaning services for shopping centres
    SLOVENIA - Ljubljana
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  • ...products and unexceptionable customer service. Consumer and business confidence is the company’s first priority. BonNuts is a community-minded company. So our product is one hundred percent ecologically clean. Supplier of: Fruits, dried | walnuts | pumpkin seeds | walnut oils | bonnuts is a produces and supplies
    SLOVENIA - Koper
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  • ...production , where we offer, scaling, husking, cleaning, polishing, and separating of seeds and cereals.In our offer have following products: Millet porridge, barley, spelled porridge, yellow and green... Supplier of: Cereals and grains | split peas | millet | spelt | barley
    SLOVENIA - Lendava
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